An expensive month

It has been a while and this will be another picture heavy round.

Before that I might as well mention Tales of Zestiria, one of many reasons I
haven’t had the time to write and also one of the reasons the
month was expensive. I won’t spoil anything important so feel free to read on!

I have not beaten the game yet since I’m actually stuck on the final boss
for the first time in a Tales of game, for some reason it won’t even be
defeated on the lowest difficulty setting… Oh well, I will do some more
sidequests and try to master the far too confusing equipment/ skill system.
That is also my biggest complaint and I know that
others have the same problem.

Otherwise I like the game, the battles are really interesting and I like
that you combine two characters to make a new one! The story is quite weak
and not the best cast either but some parts still felt much better and less
dragged out than usually in Tales of. The environments are as suspected much
better than in Xillia but I can’t help but to miss the good old times with
tiles and when you actually could visit the insides of houses etc…

The best part of the game is whenever a Go Shiina melody plays, two of my
favorite composers in the same game, what a treat, Go Shiina by far makes
the more exciting music but sadly he only made 10-15 tracks this time.

In the end this is an interesting “evolution” of the series.

Now. Picture time!

Yes! I sold my US copy of Dragon Quest 8 years ago, finally it’s in place again.

I have had my eyes on this forever.

You get this beautiful figure/ diorama, there is a music box hidden in the
house that plays the main theme.

Wo! Quite a similar box, sadly Atelier Iris 3 didn’t get one like this.

This is amazing and instantly became a favorite, the figures spins one way
and the bracelet the other way at the same time as it plays the main theme.
It is just too good!



More .hack, this time an extremely limited japanese box with all three games and bonus discs.

Not for sale! If you know how this was sold originally I would be glad to know.

This is how a good box opens up!


This is the new Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross Arrange album that
we have waited for all these years! It might need its own post later,
let’s just enjoy the typical “Mitsuda art” for now.

The back, even stranger mayhap.

As you can see this was an expensive month and I didn’t even
mention the overpriced Zestiria Box…
This always happens when I have a bit of money,
it suddenly transforms into rare paper boxes.

I have spent a lot of time lately rearranging the collection and
maybe you will finally get some new overview pictures soon!

10 thoughts on “An expensive month

  1. Nice purchases! Lovely figurines. 🙂 And that new CT/CC-album may be something I must buy as well. Also I need to buy Zestiria’s awesome soundtrack. (Go Shiina is freakin’ awesome, I know, and that Sakuraba and he came together on this game makes it so much more epic. :D)
    Ah yes, there are so many fun game-related things to buy. I’m surprised I have any money left this month based on my Zestiria purchases (PS3 normal edition, PS4 normal edition, PS4 EU CE-box and PS4 US CE-box), plus the purchases I made at Gamex. I actually gave away the PS3-edition of Zestiria to a friend since I’m playing it on PS4 after all. But I did make an order for the PS3 CE-box of the game, but we’ll see if I get it, it seemed to be only one left and I’m not sure I was able to snatch it. XD Oh well.


    1. Thank you! I was already thinking about replaying the Atelier Iris games and hearing these figurines play the music only made me more excited to do that.
      As I said I will probably write more about the Chrono album but of course you need it, hehe. I still need to add Legendias soundtrack someday, I have said it before but I wish my soundtrack budget was higher… Buying all those versions of Zestiria is crazy, haha, oh well, I have 12 different versions of Xenosaga II after all, we all are crazy.


      1. Haha, indeed – we are all crazy in some aspect but as long as the craziness does no harm all is well. ^_^
        I only have 2 versions of Xenosaga 2. 🙂 NTSC and PAL, which was strange because none of the other Xenosaga-games made it to the PAL regions… Oh well. 🙂


  2. Många fina köp!
    Älskar verkligen Diorama-figurer. Ger så mkt mer liv än bara en vanlig figur.
    Blev en ganska dyr månad för mig med efter Tokyo 🙂

    Har äntligen kommit igång med Tales efter hemkomsten. Inte kommit jättelångt än men är inte helt frälst. Hoppas det lossnar snart.


  3. Ja dom är verkligen för vackra för att behålla i sina boxar och det kommer en översiktsbild på hyllan där dom står just nu.
    Att det blev en dyr månad i Japan gör ingen förvånad, hehe.

    Kul att du är igång med Zestiria, många verkar tycka som du att början är seg men jag hade inget problem med det, jag tyckte nästan det var skönt att det var väldigt lite strider första timmarna. Jaja, spelet är som bäst ca 15 timmar in skulle jag säga!


  4. I really hope they don’t keep the skill and equipment style from TOZ in future titles, I think it worked okay. But it wasn’t very fun and I feel there is a serious shortage on both sessions and equipments.

    Hehe, october was an expensive month for me to. Almost to expensive, I really should have hold back. I had to pay for that this month… *sigh*.
    You can see what I got here,

    I’ve never seen those Atelier boxes before, they where sweet as hell I must say. Thge .hack box was nice to. Wish they released something like that in the west to. Need to get those games one day.


  5. Mmmm, let’s not complicate simple things next time…

    Haha, expensive month for everyone then. Ooo, so that is the rest of the PS2 games then? I’m still envious of Grandia Xtreme and also Chrono Trigger DS, a lot of good games in the picure and I see you got Full metal Alchemist as well!

    Yeah, they always get the best things in Japan but I am happy that we finally have started to get at least a few nice editions and that the realese dates are a bit closer these days, a bit.


    1. Haha, so it would seem. Bad October bad. 😉
      Yeah, those are the remaining PS2 games I was waiting on. So now I’ll have to take a break from collecting them. And make a list of which games I still want before I move a way from PS2 collecting.


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