Loot of the month

Well, something like that anyway, this is most of my recently added items:


The collectors edition of Bravely Second (PAL), I still haven’t started the game yet but I really needed to get this on the release. I remember how surprised people was over the size of the Bravely Default box and I thought we would be prepared this time but somehow it was still a surprise
to see a monster box like this! I really like that it includes a full 300 pages artbook instead of the “usual” 50 pages. I do look forward to starting the game soon, I just need to finish the second half of Trails in the Sky on my PSP first.

3x limited

Next up are some more boxes, Unlimited Saga to the PS2 RPG collection of course, I have been really bad at updating how that collection is coming along but I will try to do an update soon. I have become a bit sidetracked, sometimes other items just pop up that you need to get.
The Hakuoki box feels like a closure to the “PSP boxes collection” even if it’s not an RPG I still wanted to add it, the same goes for Sakura Wars.

3x OST

I FINALLY added both the Nier original soundtrack and the Tribute album, as I have said plenty of times already it includes some of my favorite tracks and being able to listen to them in the best possible quality is a must!
As a bonus I also added the Legend of Mana Soundtrack to the collection, really beautiful and some extra fun since they have printed the swedish lyrics to the ending song all over the cover, they have of course made some printing
mistakes and also run out of space at the end and just ended the lyrics in the middle of a word, haha! Also splendid to listen to of course!

Close up on the Mana Soundtrack and swedish lyrics.


Lastly, a friend was nice enough to sell me this of all items! Just the empty box to complete my US SNES Jr! I never thought I would be able to find this without getting a complete set, it also happens to be in the best of conditions! Thank you again, I am really happy with this!

That’s all for now, but as you can see, quite the sidetrack from the PS2 collecting…

8 thoughts on “Loot of the month

  1. Lots of nice stuff as always! Cool to see you getting your Snes jr complete, I must say I’m surprised by the quality of the box. Very nice.
    Ahh.. Makes me want a region free Snes now.


    1. Maybe I should put up some pictures of boring games just to even the balance, haha. No but that box really is nice, especially since it kind of fits in an RPG collection thanks to the Mario RPG models on the front!


      1. Hey if you want to put up pictures of games, please do! 😀
        They are never boring, in fact I think they are fascinating especially if they are from you. Since you have so many gems I never knew existed.

        And I’m glad to hear both you and JRPGeek also like Nier, such a good and under appreciated game.


      2. Glad to hear that!

        Of course, we have said it before but this is the Nier club after all, I just wish the final member
        Lania could pop in a bit more often, hehe.


  2. Bra köp!
    Nier är ju riktigt bra. Vågar typ påstå att det är det bästa någonsin 🙂

    Kände inte till att Mana-låten/framsidan var på svenska. Lyssnade lite på den igår.
    Vet du om det finns fler Square-låtar som är på svenska? Sökte nämligen lite på nätet om just Mana-låten och hittade ngt forum där nån skrev att det finns fler. Gav inga exempel så kanske inte är helt sant. Du kanske vet mer?


  3. Mmmm, som jag sagt tidigare (tror jag) hamnar Nier och Xenoblade väldigt jämnt som bästa spel förra generationen.

    Jag försöker fortfarande få ihop en topp 100 någonsin men det är svårt att säga var Nier kommer hamna, min topp 10 har tyvärr inte förändrats dom senaste 10 åren i vilket fall…

    Den där Mana-låten har väl varit rätt mytomspunnen genom alla år, i eftertexterna så står det bara “Annika” som sångare och det är klart det är en stor grej med svensk text i Square-spel, speciellt från deras stortid på Playstation, hehe.

    Men ja, såvitt jag vet finns det inga andra svenska låtar i något Square-spel, jag har trotts allt spelat dom flesta och jag har inte hört någon annan nämna något utöver just låten i Legend of Mana.

    Du kanske redan hittat till den länken men har var en liten rolig intervju med den “mystiska” Annika från 2014:



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