The Move part 7 the final tour!

If you visited yesterday you might already have seen the new page/tab
called The big collection move, if you want to see every picture and the long
road that lead up to the final tour feel free to scroll the day away, haha
(I already sorted out hundreds of pictures from there…)

Anyway, Thanks to everyone who have followed me through this rather
exhausting move, bought items from me or helped in any way!

Let’s enjoy the final results!

The entrance:

I decided to remove the door to the kitchen and put a shelf in the corner
instead, it holds things like box protectors, my tool box and things I
use to clean or package games, nice to have it all easy accessible


This is the one biggest upgrade of all I would say, all I had hoped
and expected of a new bathroom, so happy to be rid of the old bathtub!


Shring! I didn’t mind my old kitchen at all aside from the floor
but look at it shine! I miss my old spice rack and
pots and pans carousel but love that they put in even bigger sinks,
soft closing closets and a less noisy fridge.
Also, the LEGO more or less took over… building those castles
with my brother is the most fun I have had in a while!


These shelves are much more effective than before, I decided not to
put up any knick-knacks and also used double/quadruple cases for the
games, I still need to print out a few new labels (when I get a printer)

I haven’t decide how to sort/ store the cartridges yet, it’s not a problem finding
a game at the moment but I would like something nicer.

The modern corner (the Switch is above)

I managed to fit them all up there but there is double layers and some can’t
be seen at all like the original SFC box or standard 64 boxes.

I won’t call it a collection but these are my PS4, Switch and PC games

This has been my big plan for years! Sorting out every non-RPG from the
main collection and putting them here. It turned out great!

Better look at my work/play space, it’s “only” a 32 inch screen but since I more or less sit in it when I play I have no intention on getting a bigger.
I will upgrade to 4K some day though.

And this is my new retro setup! I have wanted this for a while now,
a CRT on a lower moveable bench so that you can lie down and play or
move it around and sit in the couch. Everything is connected and also
hooked up to the big speakers of course!

Middle closet has all extra consoles, controllers and accessories, right one has
technology of all kinds, left is a total mess and mix of things for sale
and things to keep at the moment…

I think it turned out amazing, love the green wall color and new floor!
Sadly the Xenoblade paintings didn’t make it and like I said, less knick-knacks.

Bonus LEGO pictures (it’s everywhere):

This shelf might get moved all together later, but for now it holds everything that got left over and didn’t have room anywhere else.



…this isn’t even the only stash, I forgot to take pictures of the last one.

Room of 1000:

The curtains rise! I mean, slide sideways

“it looks like it always have” -my siblings…

Yes, I still kept this retro setup even though I have one in the other room too…

This used to be the Nintendo shelf but after removing every non-RPG not much was left and the Playstation collections will keep growing after all.
the bottom shelves are all SFC Strategy/RPG siblings and will also grow a bit.

The technology and new soundtrack shelf! I have wanted one for years.

This corner shelf is new, a modified ikea shelf to hold bigger limited editions

More or less the same as before, The FF shelf with Squareenix in general below

This was promised, a dedicated Xenogears shelf!
The keychains/pins are just duplicates but I might put the full set on display there soon

The hardest shelf to photograph, the Playstation shelf, at the moment
it only holds PS1 and PS2 games since there is sooo many,
I left space for the missing games since english PS1 games is
what I will keep focusing on next year.
The Nier soundtrack will of course move

A better look at the SFC shelves! The upper layers are mostly the same
as before but the lower are in no particular order at the moment.
Should I sort by color? Title? Quality of the game?

It deserves a much bigger shelf but I am glad Chrono at least got some
space (and time).
I always get a bit emotional seeing that super rare green box and it
has been hidden in a box for years because of that…

Dotu Hacku! There is still space to hide something behind them,
at the moment all Xbox360 games do.

The full set of english PS2 RPGs

This has to be my favorite part of the new setup,
ALL my Tales of games in one place!



Probably the best overview!
If you compare to the old setup, the shelves are about 10 inches lower and
the rightmost shelf is missing about 16 inches in width. BUT I did manage
to cramp it all together a bit and even add some more items,
this time it’s more split into a GEARS, Episode I, Episode II and
Episode III section. That, new paint, and LED lights for the lower
shelves make it a big upgrade rather than a downgrade for me!


Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

I did not plan a Growlanser corner…

Same as before, but with lighting

Same same, still missing YS5 on PS2

Shion as bright as ever!

Suikoden and a total mix

This will be the first shelf to change when I get more items
but for now Valkyrie get to shine a bit

Thank you again, feel free to ask or comment anything, or just
point out the few black sheep that was not in fact RPGs, haha!

5 thoughts on “The Move part 7 the final tour!

    1. Hehe, you were the very first to see the new Tales of setup
      but I’m happy to finally be able to share that, and everything
      else with everyone. Can’t wait to see your new place in order
      as well!


  1. I honestly don’t even have the words to express how incredible this is! I love it! I wish I could walk through the collection room in person and just silently admire how everything is laid out. I’m very envious! You’ve done an excellent job! I hope that someday I can make a display of my own collection that’s even half as impressive! Thank you for sharing!


    1. Haha, I had no doubt that you would like it but I’m still just
      as happy to hear you say that!

      I’m almost envious of myself too, if that is possible. No but
      it is a strange feeling walking in there and see how far the
      collection has come, it’s far beyond what I ever expected,
      especially the 2/3 of the Xeno collection that you can’t see
      in these pictures. It’s a shame half a world separates us,
      I would gladly give you the big tour, or just let you watch
      in silence, haha.

      Speaking of your collection, I was surprised to see that video tour,
      you finally made the upgrade and everything looked so nice…
      just to hear the next surprise: you are moving as well!
      Haha, what is going on, I now know at least five collectors who just
      have moved or soon will!

      Have you already moved by now maybe?


      1. I get what you mean. There are some times when I look at something in my collection and think, “Wow, I can’t believe I have that!” Mostly because we didn’t have much when I was growing up, so to see it completely flipped now is just amazing. The dream is to one day have enough space to display everything so I don’t have to have stuff in boxes anymore.

        Yeah, it was a necessary move, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t pine almost daily for that old setup. It was perfect for me, but the place I’m in now negates replicating it entirely and it’s very odd now. It’s what it is, though, and I’ll make due. But future streams are going to be entirely stuff I can play on the computer, because I can’t use the capture card anymore with this setup. ^^; Not unless I get a decent laptop to stream from.


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