This might be the hardest page to write, the plan is to focus more on the collection
than on myself in this blogg, sadly that might be true in real life as well, haha.
If you have seen me somewhere else on the internet you know me as opkij or opkij86,
believe it or not, sometimes the name is already taken.

Well, what to say, I’m a simple gamecollector from Sweden with focus on RPG:s,
the very first game I bought just for collecting was Breath of Fire II even if I didn’t start
collecting officially untill some years later (end of 2006)  when I got a hold of the SFC
version of Chrono Trigger.
Just like most other collectors I started by buying all the games I couldn’t afford before
and it soon escalated into buying everything that seemed intresting and at any price…

Unfortunately I had to sell a big part of the collection and even if I have rebought most things
by now I still miss a few of the sold games.

Today the collection is at a constant mass of 1000 games, the rule is one good game in one
…less good out. A good system to not let the collection get out of hand again, since one of
the things I take pride in as a collector is displaying the games with the front art visible it is
a good idea to limit myself. I really don’t want to end up with a mountain of cardboard boxes
filled with games again.

I see that the text quickly turned into something about the collection and not me but as I said
it was expected. But seriously, playing and collecting RPG:s is a really big part of me even if I
have expanded to play much more from other genres the last couple of years.

I’ll update with more info later but if there is anything you want to know, just ask!



9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I saw on your page a picture of a xenogears perfect works art book you said was the holy grail. I am in possession of one and was wondering what it would be worth? It is an original from 1998 and not a reprint. I have no clue the value. Any help would be great. I have some other item too.


  2. Hello! Sorry about the slow reply but thanks for visiting and taking a look among the items!
    Hard to put an exact price on Perfect Works, even if it is a holy grail for both fans and collectors it is not THAT
    rare or expensive. It held the value of almost $200 for quite a long time but now with the reprint the prices are
    a bit messed up and a lot of people just can’t tell the difference. I have seen reprints get sold at $150+ and
    original copies as low as $50… We will just have to wait a few years and see if the value becomes more stable again.

    I must of course ask what other items you have as well? Any keychains would be a treasure cave, hehe.


  3. That’s quite a big collection there. Do you actually play the RPGs in their original Japanese version on TV or via emulator with translations?


  4. Hi! Thanks for the visit. I have to admit that I play a lot of them via emulator and fan translations
    but if I’m replaying something where I already know the story or if there isn’t one available I play
    the originals on a CRT TV as intended.

    (Finally finished Tengai Makyo yesterday)


  5. I’ve been trying to find an answer to this for a while, and you seem like the most qualified person to ask. Is there a Xenosaga equivalent of Xenogears Perfect Works? Y’know, either a guidebook or artbook that explains a few details that would otherwise be difficult to understand? I know both Xenoblade and Xenoblade X had something similar, so I figured ‘saga would probably have one as well.


    1. Hello! Thanks for visiting and asking, the answer you seek is the ODM book (Official Design Materials)
      It is very similar to Perfect Works and include the same type of information, most if not all of it is fan translated.

      If you are looking for specific answers beyond Xenosaga III, then there is also the Perfect Guide and the
      Official Complete Guide, I believe everything relevant is translated from both of them as well.


  6. I’ve been attempting to locate the files for Pied Piper, and you seem like the most likely person to have a copy that I could reach. It’d be a shame if the full game was lost to the ether, even if I couldn’t understand it.


    1. Hello! Sadly I’m still on the search for Pied Piper as well… it would be a dream and holy grail both as a fan and a collector to find a working copy of the game. Even if it’s not that great as a game it is still a fantastic and important part of the story. I’m at least happy that someone finally uploaded the entire game to youtube!


      1. They did? I didn’t realize. Part of the reason I wanted to find it is to see the visuals and enemy designs, so that’s great. Thanks for telling me. Now if we could only get a full translation of Freaks, I’d be able to experience the entirety of the canon.


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