Welcome to the main attraction: my Xenogears and Xenosaga collection!

This is where I display every item in the collection, every game, soundtrack, poster, guides, pins etc.
I will keep adding more information about each item but feel free to ask if you want to know about
something specific. I know there is a lot of items and it might be hard to view with slower internet
connections or get a good overview but I will try to find a better solution soon. In the meantime,
enjoy the scrolling!

Update 2022-12-19:

-added the KOS-MOS Fix book

—An overview of the collection from 2019—

—An overview of the left half from 2019—

—An overview of the right half from 2019—

—An overview of the Xenogears shelf from 2019—

(I will probably display the full set of pins and keychains, this was just a test)

—An overview of Xenosaga I shelf from 2019—

—An overview of the Xenosaga II shelf from 2019—

—An overview of the Xenosaga III shelf from 2019—

—6 Drawers of Xeno—
(these have been rearranged)

—7 boxes of Xeno—
(these have been rearranged)


—Xenogears JAP—

God only knows! The very origin of the series, sealed.

—Xenogears the best JAP—

The “B”-version of the game, strangely comes in two jewel cases and is actually a nice version!

—Xenogears Square Millennium Collection Fei—
These where sold as “budget” version and actually costed less than the normal version back
then, crazy. There is only around 5000 each of the Fei and Elly version.

—Xenogears Square Millennium Collection Elly—
These where sold as “budget” version and actually costed less than the normal version back
then, crazy. There is only around 5000 each of the Fei and Elly version.

—Xenogears USA—
The beautiful black label, sealed!

—Xenogears Greatest Hits USA—
Ah, this is where the love for Xeno begun, with this very copy! I was a bit late and didn’t play it untill the Greatest Hits release, finding a black label copy in Sweden back then felt impossible.

—Xenosaga Episode I JAP—

—Xenosaga Episode I Limited JAP—
Includes the game, keyring with Vector logo, Artbook, Binder with Vector logo, KOS-MOS figure. There is 7000 copies.

—Xenosaga Episode I the best JAP—

—Xenosaga Episode I: Reloaded JAP—
It’s the best, it got a scene player and you can turn of the subtitles!

—Xenosaga Episode I USA—

—Xenosaga Episode I Greatest Hits USA—
Again I was late to the party and the GH version was already released when I finally got to play the game, this is also my original copy and again I do have a sealed one.

—Xenosaga Freaks JAP—
A game for the fans but not by the fans, at least it have a database.

—Xenosaga Freaks ASIA—

—Xenosaga Episode II JAP—

—Xenosaga Episode II Premium Box JAP—
Includes the game, Artbook, KOS-MOS’s bike, KOS-MOS figure + Accesories.
This box is a monster and home to the rumored MOK-KOS figure. This time they made 10000 copies.

—Xenosaga Episode II ASIA—

—Xenosaga Episode II JAP the best JAP—
Probably the ugliest item in the entire collection, hu!

—Xenosaga Episode II USA—
This time I finally got the game on the release day, what a day it was, the intro of EPII is magical!

—Xenosaga Episode II EU—
(4 languages)

—Xenosaga Episode II EU—
(Nordic, 4 languages) Yay, Swedish on the back!

—Xenosaga Episode II AU—

—Xenosaga Episode II EU—

—Xenosaga Episode II EU Italian Rental—

I never knew the rental version was something official
made and sealed in factory but apparently that was the case
and I decided to add this!

—Xenosaga Episode I.II—
How I wish there was an english version of this… Rumors says it only sold around 20000 copies, that is really low.

—Xenosaga Episode III JAP—
This is it, the ultimate game in the ultimate version! This is also the first japanese game I imported but far from the last.

—Xenosaga Episode III ASIA—
this is actually a slighlty more beautiful version since it doesn’t have the “age marking”.

—Xenosaga Episode III Animate Preorder Box—
I still cant’t believe that this one even exists! When I started
collecting I was a bit dissapointed that EP3 never got a limited box but it actually had one all along, it
includes the game and the Alle Spezielle DVD, it just looks amazing!

—Xenosaga Episode III USA—

—Xenosaga Episode III USA Lenticular—
Now it’s T-elos!

—Xenosaga Episode III USA Lenticular—,
Suddenly KOS-MOS?!


—Xenogears Original Soundtrack First Print—

The original from 1998!

—Xenogears Original Soundtrack Second Print—
This is the reprint from 2005

—Xenogears Original Soundtrack Limited—
This is perfection, limited to 10000 copies, you get a small poster and booklet but the box is what you want!

—Xenogears Creid—

—Xenogears Myth Vinyl—
I’m not sure how many of these where made but it
is very limited and hard to find, you could only get it from the Square-enix
web shop. Definitely one of my favorites in the collection!

—Xenogears Shinkaku Vinyl—

—Xenogears Myth First Print—
Now I only wish for the Chrono Cross orchestral album to be completed…

—Xenogears Myth Second Print—

—Xenogears Blu-ray OST—

A terrible picture but a fantastic soundtrack!

—Xenogears Blu-ray OST Signed—

You could buy these signed at Tokyo Game Show 2018, signed by Yasunori Mitsuda of course.

—Xenosaga Episode I Sampler OST—
Quite rare, I think you got it by pre-ordering EP1: Reloaded?
It only has 3 tracks.

—Xenosaga Episode I Preview Disc—
This is by far the most rare of all soundtracks and was only given away to people at the original reveal of the game, finding a copy, especially a sealed one like this is next to impossible now.

—Xenosaga Episode I Limited Soundtrack + Sticker—

—Xenosaga Episode I Kokoro Single—
How many games get a single with the ending themes!?

—Xenosaga Episode I OST—

—Xenosaga Episode I OST Second Print—

—Xenosaga Drama CD Outer File 01—
Needs an upgrade to a sealed copy like the other two. This is sadly the only place where the story about how the
Elsa crew came together is told… really interesting!

—Xenosaga Drama CD Outer File 02—

—Xenosaga Drama CD Outer File 03—

—Xenosaga the Animation OST—
It can’t compare to Yuki and Mitsuda’s work but there are some really great tracks!

—Xenosaga Episode II Movie Scene Soundtrack—

—Xenosaga Episode II Movie Scene Soundtrack Limited—
Includes a memory card holder.

—Xenosaga Episode II Movie Scene Soundtrack Limited—
Includes a memory card holder.

—Xenosaga Episode III Music Selection Soundtrack—
If only there was a complete soundtrack, oh well, still the greatest
soundtrack of all time and it also includes the very best song ever made.

—Xenosaga Episode III Music Selection Soundtrack Limited—
Includes a memory card holder.

—Xenosaga Episode III Music Selection Soundtrack Limited—
Includes a memory card holder.


—Xenogears V-jump Guide—

—Xenogears V-jump Mini Guide 1-3—
You got these together with the V-jump magazine. The really live up to the name “mini” guides,
less than 20 pages each and not bigger than a normal game manual.

—Xenogears Guide Book—

—Square Xenogears Ultimate Save File Disc/Book—

—Square Xenogears Guide with Poster—

—Xenogears Thousands of Daggers—
My most overpriced item, I payed more than 10 times the actual value, luckily it is an amazing book….

—Xenogears Brady Guide—
After 10 years I finally added a nice copy!

—Xenosaga I Offical Guide Book—
The simple budget version, hopefully it gets you to the end.

—Xenosaga I Offical Complete Guide—
One of the first guides I bought, (I have one in better condition).

—Xenosaga I Scenario Book—
This is the best, the entire script of EP1 with pictures from the related scenes.

—Xenosaga I July 2001 Preview Pamphlet—

—Xenosaga I Brady Guide—
Just like the Xenogears guide, I have had this forever and have just not upgraded to a better copy.

—Xenosaga II Offical Guide—it is glittering, wooo!

—Xenosaga II Scenario Book—
Like EP1, a book with the entire script, sadly Ep3 never got one.

—Xenosaga II Offical Complete Guide—

—Xenosaga II Zenaku no Higan ManiaX—

—Xenosaga II Brady Guide—

—Xenosaga II Brady Guide Limited—

It includes a CD with a few songs from the game!

—Xenosaga I.II DS Perfcet Guide—
The only guide the DS game got, I like it!

—Xenosaga III Perfect Guide—

—Xenosaga III Offical Complete Guide—
This is the place to look if you need information not explained in the games, luckily translated by fans!

—Xenosaga III Brady Guide—


—Xenogears Original Soundtrack (score book)—

I finally added a better picture, years later, wo!

—Xenogears Original Soundtrack (score book)—

Almost identical but this is the 2020 print of this book,
quite surprising to me!

—Xenosaga I Piano Sheet Music—
Play that thing!

—Partitura Originale Di Xenosaga—
Read all about it here: https://xenosagacollector.wordpress.com/2016/01/16/top-5-xeno-items-part-2/

—Xenosaga II Piano Sheet Music—


—Xenogears Data Note Book—

—Xenogears – Perfect Works – —
It is the holy grail of Xeno!

—Xenogears – Perfect Works – 2014 Reprint—
A dream come true, a reprint 16 years later and at a much more humane prize.

—Xenogears 20th Anniversary Booklet—

The mini version of Perfect works, really nice content and quality.

—Xenogears Postcards—

It includes 8 different and nice postcards!

—Xenogears Postcard Book—

—Xenosaga I Postcard Book—

—The Art of Xenosaga Episode I (USA)—

—The Art of Xenosaga Episode I (JAP)—

The japanese version is identical but was very limited and included a congratulation letter to the few who
got it.

—The Art of Xenosaga Episode I Congratulation letter—

—Xenosaga Episode I Official Design Material—
Reffered to as ODM by the fans, something of a holy grail, I will
get back to this one!

—Xenosaga Episode I Emission Book Preview—
A sneak peek of the first book.

—Xenosaga Episode I Emission Book—

—Xenosaga Episode II Material Guide Book—

Guide, database and artbook all in one!

—Xenosaga Episode II Emission Book—

—The Art of Xenosaga Episode III—

—Xenosaga Episode III Emission Book—

—Xenosaga Episode 4 Emission Book—

Yes that’s right, a fourth (fifth) one of these all these years later!
It’s only about 20 pages and only includes pictures / sketches drawn
for the cancelled KOS-MOS bust.

—Xenosaga KOS-MOS Fix—


20 years of KOS-MOS! A few different artists and their versions of KOS-MOS.

—Xenosaga Episode Emission Book Box—
This, this… is just amazing! I have heard it is limited to 2000 copies but I suspect it is much less since it almost never shows
up. It is a box to hold the three Emission books and was released at the same time as the Episode III book.

—Nobutori Yuki Animation Artbook—

—Xenosaga the Animation Premium Artbook—


—Xenosaga I Trading Card Booster pack—

—Xenosaga I Trading Card Booster Box—

—Xenosaga I Trading Cards 1-9—

—Xenosaga I Trading Cards 10-18—

—Xenosaga I Trading Cards 19-27—

—Xenosaga I Trading Cards 28-36—

—Xenosaga I Trading Cards 37-45—

—Xenosaga I Trading Cards 46-54—

—Xenosaga I Trading Cards 55-63—

—Xenosaga I Trading Cards 64-72—

—Xenosaga I Trading Cards 73-81—

—Xenosaga I Trading Cards 82-90 SPECIAL—

—Xenosaga I Trading Cards 91-99 RARE—

—Xenosaga I Trading Cards BOX PROMO PREMIUM cards—

Ah what a sight! Rare doesn’t begin to describe them

—Xenosaga II Trading Card Booster pack—

—Xenosaga II Trading Card Booster Box—

—Xenosaga II Trading Cards 1-9—

—Xenosaga II Trading Cards 10-18—

—Xenosaga II Trading Cards 19-27—

—Xenosaga II Trading Cards 28-36—

—Xenosaga II Trading Cards 37-45—

—Xenosaga II Trading Cards 46-54—

—Xenosaga II Trading Cards 55-63—

—Xenosaga II Trading Cards 64-72—

—Xenosaga II Trading Cards 73-81 RARE—

—Xenosaga II Trading Cards 82-85 BOX—

I am not sure if the last “present” card was found in
boosters like the others but it is extremely rare

—Xenosaga the Animation Postcards—

—Xenosaga the Animation Promo Card (USA)—

—Xenosaga I Phone Card 0001—

—Xenosaga II Phone Card 0001—

—Xenosaga I Phone Card metal Enterbrain—

—Xenosaga I Phone Card Enterbrain—

—Xenogears Laminated Character Cards—

Finally all eight together!

—Xenosaga Laminated Character Cards—
—Xenosaga Drama CD promo cards—

Ziggy didn’t get one…

—Xenogears Phone Cards—

—Xenosaga I Phone Cards—

—Xenosaga I Phone Cards—
—Xenosaga the Animation Phone Card—

—Xenosaga II Phone Cards—
—Xenosaga III Phone Cards—


—Xenogears Square Millennium Collection Box Poster—
Wow, this one is rare, not in perfect condition but still, I feel
lucky just owning it!

—Xenogears Elly and Character Dual Poster—
(my copy, I don’t dare to unfold it)

Picture of a duplicate.

The other side. In my documents I always called this the “character poster” and it took a
while before I realised that it was dual sided.

—Xenogears Mother Poster—
I actually don’t know what this one is usually called since it appears so rarely, probably the
most expensive and sought after of all Xeno posters and for good reason. Just an amazing
poster since it is the same art as the Perfect Works cover.

—Xenogears and Parasite Eve Dual Poster-

—Xenogears USA Promo Poster—

—Special Fanbook 2 Poster—

—Special Fanbook 2 Poster—

—Special Fanbook Poster—

—Xenosaga I Promo Poster—

—Xenosaga I Promo Poster Ziggy and MOMO—

—Xenosaga I Contest Poster—
This one shows all the prizes from a rumored contest,

—Xenosaga I Promo Poster—

—Xenosaga I Trading Card Poster—

—Xenosaga I Soundtrack Poster—

—Xenosaga Drama CD Poster—

I will take a new picture later but this is an upgraded copy from my old

—Xenosaga I Promo Poster—

—Xenosaga I Promo Poster USA—

—Xenosaga I Reloaded Promo Poster—
I still dream of seeing this one framed.

—Xenosaga Freaks and EPII Promo Poster—

—Xenosaga Freaks Promo Poster—

—Xenosaga I.II Promo Poster—

—Xenosaga I.II Promo Poster 2—

—Xenosaga I.II Dual-sided poster—

—Xenosaga II US Promo Poster—

—Xenosaga II Bikini Poster—

—Xenosaga II Hanging Poster—
I don’t know what to call this one, it is not really a poster, it is made
in a thicker material and has holes for hanging in US stores.

—Xenosaga II Weekly Magazines Poster—

—Xenosaga II Asher Promo Poster—

—Xenosaga II Promo Poster—

—Xenosaga II Bike Promo Poster—

—Xenosaga III US Promo “Poster”—

Not really a poster but oh well.

—Xenosaga III Promo Poster—
Believe it or not but this one is official, there is a lot of fake posters with this
art (since it is so amazing of course) but this is the only official one without any text blocking the art.

—Xenosaga III Promo Poster—
Not for sale!

—Xenosaga III Promo Poster—

—Xenosaga III Promo Poster—
This, this is how you promote a game! The art, the art!

—Xenosaga III Sales Poster—

—Xenosaga III Sales Poster—
This is a really intresting poster that shows sales numbers and a timeline of the series in terms of
trailers etc. I will get back to this.

—Xenosaga III Promo Posters x3—

Love these, I can’t believe that I forgot to take a picture until now!

—KOS-MOS Figma Figure Poster—

—KOS-MOS Volks Figure Poster—

—Xenosaga III T-elos Poster—
It’s the life-sized T-elos poster you could get by preordering the game in USA.
It would take two tables to roll it out so it will have to wait.

—Xenosaga III T-elos Poster—
Just a comparison to another poster.

—Namco X Capcom Promo Poster—
Um, well, I got sidetracked.

—Namco X Capcom Promo Poster 2—
Um, well, I got sidetracked, again.

—Xenosaga the Animation Box1 Promo Poster—

397A promo poster for the first Animation box


—Xenogears Fei Bring Arts—

20 years later he finally got a nice action figure!

—Xenosaga Legends EP1 KOS-MOS Ver.4 Blue eyes—

—Xenosaga Legends EP1 KOS-MOS Ver.4 Red eyes—

—Xenosaga Legends EP1 KOS-MOS Ver.1 Blue eyes—

—Xenosaga Legends EP1 KOS-MOS Ver.1 Red eyes—

—Xenosaga Legends EP1 KOS-MOS Swimsuit—

—Xenosaga Legends EP1 KOS-MOS—

—Xenosaga Legends EP1 T-elos—

—Xenosaga Legends EP2 Shion—

—Xenosaga Legends EP2 Shion Glasses—

—Xenosaga Legends EP2 KOS-MOS Red eyes—

—Xenosaga Legends EP2 KOS-MOS Blue eyes—

—Xenosaga Legends EP2 KOS-MOS Swimsuit—

—Xenosaga Legends EP2 KOS-MOS Orange swimsuit—

—Xenosaga Legends EP2 KOS-MOS Ver.1 Red eyes—

—Xenosaga Legends EP2 KOS-MOS Ver.1 Blue eyes—

—Xenosaga Legends EP2 KOS-MOS Red eyes—

—Xenosaga Legends EP2 KOS-MOS Blue eyes—

—Xenosaga Legends EP1/2 the best KOS-MOS Ver.1—

—Xenosaga Legends EP1/2 the best KOS-MOS Ver.1 Alternative—

—Xenosaga Legends EP1/2 the best KOS-MOS Swimsuit—

—Xenosaga Legends EP1/2 the best KOS-MOS Swimsuit Alternative—

—Xenosaga Legends EP1/2 the best KOS-MOS—

—Xenosaga Legends EP1/2 the best KOS-MOS Ver.4—

—Xenosaga Legends EP1/2 the best KOS-MOS Ver.4 Alternative—

—Xenosaga EP3 Gashapon KOS-MOS Ver.4 Alternative—
There seem to have been an accident here.

—Xenosaga EP3 Gashapon KOS-MOS Ver.4—

—Xenosaga EP3 Gashapon MOMO—

—Xenosaga EP3 Gashapon MOMO With hat—
It’s the same figure…you just place a loose hat on it…

—Xenosaga EP3 Gashapon KOS-MOS Blue eyes—

—Xenosaga EP3 Gashapon KOS-MOS Red eyes—

—Xenosaga EP3 Gashapon Shion Swimsuit alternative—

—Xenosaga EP3 Gashapon Shion Swimsuit—

—Xenosaga Legends EP1 Box—

—Xenosaga Legends EP2 Box—

—Xenosaga Legends EP1/EP2 the best Box—

—KOS-MOS Trading Figure with Machine Gun Bandai—

—KOS-MOS Trading Figure Namco Girls 1 Yujin—

—KOS-MOS Trading Figure Namco Girls 2 Yujin—

—KOS-MOS Trading Figure Namco X Capcom Yujin—

—KOS-MOS Trading Figure Secret Version Yujin—

—T-elos Trading Figure Yujin—

—KOS-MOS Ver.1 From the Limited box—

—Bike + MOK-KOS—
On bike from the Premium box.

From the Premium box, Haha, the horror!

—KOS-MOS Figma 095—

—T-elos Figma 150—

—KOS-MOS Motion Revive Series—

—T-elos Motion Revive Series—

—KOS-MOS 1/8 Monsieur BOME—
The very first figure released!

—KOS-MOS Almecha—
Look at that box! I wish Episode III got a box like that, it even has a magnetic lock so
you can see the figure and all the parts without opening the box!

—KOS-MOS Ver.1 (1/8) ALTER—

—KOS-MOS Ver.4 (1/8) ALTER—
Probably the most popular figure? I don’t dare to open the box and display it…

—T-elos (1/8) ALTER—

—KOS-MOS 1/6 Swimsuit—

—KOS-MOS 1/6 Swimsuit Alternative Version—

—KOS-MOS 1/6 Swimsuit (T-elos color)—
The most expensive of all the figures… and it comes in a black box so you can’t see it, yay!

—KOS-MOS Ver.4 Atelier Sai—

—KOS-MOS Ver.4 Atelier Sai Limited WF 2007—
Wow, just 300 units and yet I do have a duplicate, ugh. I also seem to be one of few who actually like this one.

—KOSMOS Ver.4 Atelier Sai Limited WF 2007—

—ES Dinah Megahouse 2014—
Please let the other ES’s be made too! Again I wish I could take it out of the box.

—Shion Statue—
Shion 1
More info: https://xenosagacollector.wordpress.com/?p=885&preview=true


—KOS-MOS Ver.4 1/12 Kotobukiya—
I don’t really collect the “garage kits” but this is one of the few that have a real box.

—KOS-MOS Ver.1 1/12 Kotobukiya—
I don’t really collect the “garage kits” but this is one of the few that have a real box.

—Shion Episode III Bridge Head WF 2008—

—MOMO Kaiyodo —

—KOS-MOS 1/6 Swimsuit Inabaya —

—KOS-MOS 1/6 RomanTic-Union 2005—

—ES Zebulun Konami—

—ES Asher Jack—

—ES Dinah Ambivalent 2010 —

—Omega Universitas—


—T-elos 1/4 Charagumin Volks—

It would be amazing to assemble this but sadly both
space and skill is missing at the moment…

—Episode I Special DVD JAP—
Mostly Contains interviews with Shion and Momo’s voice actresses (JAP) and also some comercials etc.

—Episode I Movie DVD USA—
Ah, the best and most played DVD I own. Most of the scenes from Episode I with dual language and OPTIONAL subtitles unlike the game.

—Episode III Alle spezielle DVD—
You got this by preordering Episode III in Japan, I watched one of the included trailers well over 100 times before the US version was released.
It includes trailers and info about some merchandise etc from all three games, a really good disc overall!

—EPI Mini Disc Non Playable Demo USA—
This was for stores only, I don’t know exactly which trailers are on it.

—Xenosaga Freaks Reservation CD—

—Episode II German Promo—

—Episode III Trail Version—
This is the demo of EPIII, you had to win it in a lottery and it was limited to 10000 units.
I remeber that it only took a few days before people “hacked” it and found that the entire database full of spoilers was included on the disc.

—Namco DVD 1 NAMJ 00001—

—Namco DVD 2 NAMJ 00002 —

—Namco DVD 2004—

—Namco DVD 2006—

—Namco DVD 2006 2—

—Namco DVD 2004—

—Namco DVD 2002—


—Xenogears God Slaying Story—

—Xenogears Comic Anthology—

—Xenogears 4koma—

—Xenosaga Offical Manga Part 1-3—

—Enix Supercomic Gekijoh Vol.52,53,56: Xenosaga Part I-III—






—Xenosaga II Novel Tadashi Aizawa—


—Xenosaga the Animation Box 1—
These boxes did cost a small fortune and are still quite expensive, includes half the Anime and a bonus DVD.

—Xenosaga the Animation Box 2—
These boxes did cost a small fortune and are still quite expensive, includes half the Anime and a bonus DVD.

—Xenosaga the Animation 1-6—
The standard version of the anime, it actually took a really long time until I got this set.

—Xenosaga the Animation Rental DVDs—

—Xenosaga the Animation Rental VHSs—
As far as I know there never was any retail VHSs.

—Xenosaga the Animation Rental VHS—

—Xenosaga the Animation Chinese 2-disc—

Quite sun-faded and need to be replaced…

—Xenosaga the Animation US Funimation 2-disc—

—Xenosaga the Animation US SAVE—

—Xenosaga the Animation US—


—PS2 Vol.169 +DVD and Clearfile—
This magazine is crazy, hundreds of pages and you get both a DVD and a clearfile!

—Xenosaga Special Fan Book Volume 1—

—Xenosaga Special Fan Book Volume 2—

—Xenosaga Episode I Weekly Magazine Part 1—

—Xenosaga Episode I Weekly Magazine Part 2—

—Xenosaga Episode I Weekly Magazine Part 3—

—Xenosaga Episode I Weekly Magazine Part 4—

—Xenosaga Episode II Weekly Magazine Part 1—

—Xenosaga Episode II Weekly Magazine Part 1—

—Xenosaga Episode II Weekly Magazine Part 2—

—Xenosaga Episode II Weekly Magazine Part 3—

—Xenosaga Episode II Weekly Magazine Part 3—

—Xenosaga Episode II Weekly Magazine Part 4—

—Xenosaga Episode II Weekly Magazine Part 5—

—Xenosaga Episode III Weekly Magazine Part 1—

—Xenosaga Episode III Weekly Magazine Part 2—

—Xenosaga Episode III Weekly Magazine Part 3—

—Xenosaga Episode III Weekly Magazine Part 4—

—Xenosaga Episode III Weekly Magazine Part 4—

—Famitsu Wave Magazines—
All of them have articles or info about Xenosaga of course!

—Famitsu Wave Magazine DVDs—
These where included with the magazines and have some Xenosaga trailers.

—EP2 pamphlet—

—Xenosaga Magazine Pages—
I have hundreds of pages like this and will only put up a few as an example. Let me know if you really need something specific, there is just so much interviews
pictures etc, mostly from Episode I.

—Xenosaga Magazine Pages—
I have hundreds of pages like this and will only put up a few as an example. Let me know if you really need something specific, there is just so much interviews
pictures etc, mostly from Episode I.

—Xenosaga Magazine Pages—
I have hundreds of pages like this and will only put up a few as an example. Let me know if you really need something specific, there is just so much interviews
pictures etc, mostly from Episode I.

—Xenosaga Magazine Pages—
I have hundreds of pages like this and will only put up a few as an example. Let me know if you really need something specific, there is just so much interviews
pictures etc, mostly from Episode I.

—Xenosaga Magazine Pages—
I have hundreds of pages like this and will only put up a few as an example. Let me know if you really need something specific, there is just so much interviews
pictures etc, mostly from Episode I.


—Xenogears Brady Bookmark—

—Xenosaga I Preorder Lithograph chaos—
I am still mad about the customs cutting this up… Need to find another…

—Xenosaga I Preorder Lithograph Shion—
I am still mad about the customs cutting this up… Need to find another…

—Famitsu 300th Issue Xenosaga Fan—

—Xenosaga I Illustration Cards—
I have no idea where these came from, please tell me if you know!

—Xenosaga I U-kun Post-it pads—
Haha, these are fun!

—Xenosaga I Pencil Board—

—Xenosaga I Giant Pencil Board—
400Or is
Or is it a plastic poster?

—Xenosaga I Clearfile—

—Xenosaga I Clearfile—

—Xenogears 20th Anniversary Clearfile Set—

A set of three file folders

—Xenogears Pencil Board—

—Xenosaga I Pencil Board—

—Xenosaga Freaks Clearfile 1—

—Xenosaga Freaks Clearfile 2—

—Xenosaga Freaks Clearfile 3—

—Xenosaga II Clearfile—
—Xenosaga I OST Sticker—

—Xenosaga I Coasters (USA)—

—Xenosaga I Coasters (USA)—

—Xenosaga I Phone Card Holder—

—Xenosaga I U-kun/Bunny Key Strap—

—Xenosaga I Pins x3 (not for sale)—

—Xenosaga I Character Pins 001-005—

—Xenosaga I Zohar Keyring—

—Xenosaga 1.2 DS Mouse Pad + Cards—

—Xenosaga I Playstation.com Shion Mouse—

—Albedo Mousepad (PlayStation2 magazine)—

—Character Collage Mousepad (PlayStation2 magazine)—

—Xenosaga I Coasters—
Yet another rare prize you could win.

—Xenogears Preorder 1998 Calender—
You could get it by pre ordering the game in Japan.

—Xenogears Sticker Sheet—
Finally found them!

—Xenogears CD Case—

—Xenogears Memory Card Sticker Sheet—

—Xenogears Memory Card Sticker Sheet 2—

—Xenogears Pins—

One of the absolute hardest sets to complete, here we have all five,
still sealed and in top condition. Finally.

—Xenogears 20th Anniversary Ticket Holder—

—Xenogears 20th Anniversary Music Box—

—Xenogears Keychains—

The full set of all six! Who decided Sigurd should get one?
Oh well, they all live up to the reputation as fan favorites
among all the collectibles!

—Xenogears 20th Anniversary Keychains—

A set of two keychains with the memory cube

—Xenosaga.com keyring—

—Xenosaga.com keyring—

—Xenosaga EP1 Leather Keyring 001-005—
Sadly Ziggy never got one…

—Xenosaga EP1 Kokoro Pendant—

—Namco Pins Collection, KOS-MOS—

—Namco Pins Collection, KOS-MOS—

—Xenosaga EP1 Pin Badge Booster Box—

—Xenosaga EP1 Pin Badge Booster—

—Xenosaga EP1 Pin Badge Complete set—

—Xenosaga II Hori Memory Card+Box—
The box is only big enough to hold Episode I and II sadly.

—Xenosaga III Hori Memory Card+Holder—

—Xenosaga I Promo VHS—

—Xenosaga I Promo VHS 2—

—Xenosaga A-Z—
I have NO idea where this is from, I have never seen it for sale, it needs closer inspection!

—Just a bit of paper—
From the weekly bandanas..

—Tokyo Game Show 2001 Xenosaga Ticket—
A ticket to the original unveiling of the series! What a relic!

—Xenogears 20th Anniversary papers—

—Calenders, papers, stickers—
Just some of all the small stickers and calenders that you could get from magazine, all with art
from Xenosaga included. This level of collecting is just ridicoulus.

—Xenosaga I Flyer—
Just a promotional flyer.

—Xenosaga I Idea Factory CD case—

—Xenosaga I Procyon Studio Nephilim score—

—EPIII Weekly Magazine Mousepads—
Weekly ep3 mouse pads
I really like these and just wanted to show this picture, I actually
gave the ones in the picture away but I still have all four sealed with the magazines.


—Xenogears 20th Anniversary Black Tote Bag—

—Xenogears 20th Anniversary White Tote Bag—

—Xenosaga Weekly Magazine Bandanas—

—Xenosaga I Momo Shirt—
You could only win it in a competition/lottery back when
Episode I was released. Only 500 of them exists.

—Xenosaga KOS-MOS Shirt (USA)—
This is a bit easier to find. You could get it by pre ordering
Episode I in USA. One size fits all (it’s gigantic).

—Xenosaga I Zohar T-shirt—
It is new and unopened and I’m not 100% sure how rare it is.
Probably quite.

—Momo Pillow Case—

—Momo Bed Sheet—
Holy mackerel, I spent more money on these bed sheets than on my actual bed!

—Shion/KOS-MOS Bed Sheet—


—Xenogears Preorder Mini Standee USA—

—Xenosaga Sofmap decoration stickers—

—Xenosaga I Counter Standee USA—

—Xenosaga I Box Replica USA—

—Xenosaga I Promo standee JAP—

A bit damaged but still amazing to have in the collection.

—Xenosaga I Promo standee USA—

M-m-monster. The icing on the cake, I mean collection!

—Xenosaga I Zohar Promo Stand—
This one really lifts any Xeno-collection, sadly most of these are gone
and impossible to find.

—Xenosaga I Counter Diorama POP—
I don’t really collect boxes like this, that is where I draw the line but it’s cool
to have at least one!

—Xenosaga I Counter Diorama POP—

—-Xenosaga II Promo standee USA—

Triangle! (There is an extra sign/part to this but I think it
looks better without it attached)

—Xenosaga II Counter Standee—

—Xenosaga II Cut-outs—

—Xenosaga II Counter Standee Triangular—

—Xenosaga II Counter Standee—

—Xenosaga Freaks Counter Standee—

—Alle spezielle DVD Standee—

—Xenosaga III Counter Standee + Pamphlets—

—Xenosaga III Cut-outs—

—Xenosaga III Cut-outs 2—

—Xenosaga III Cut-outs 3—

—Xenosaga Mini POP—

A very small and rare POP advertising the Episode II Complete Guide

—Xenosaga Promo Flyers—

A set of Japanese promo flyers in the shape and size of the
normal game covers, quite neat!


—Xenogears Elly Cloth Poster—
This might actually be official but since I’m not 100% sure I will put it here for now.

—Xenosaga II large Bikini poster—
This might actually be official but since I’m not 100% sure I will put it here for now.

—Xenogears End of Casuality—
A fan made soundtrack, it does have some good tracks but Iäm not a huge fan.

—Xenogears Original Soundtrack Bootleg—
For some reason I had this listed among the “real” ones forever, haha.

—Xenogears Light—
A fan made soundtrack with mostly piano arrangements, quite good!

—Xenosaga Cigarrete Lighter, holder—
Quite fitting Episode I where a lot of smoking is going on, hehe.

76 thoughts on “The Xeno Collection

    1. Jag hoppas verkligen på att hinna fota lite mer Xeno i helgen, svaret på vad som är guldkornet förblir en hemlis ett tag till, hehe.

      Vilken spoiler att FF10-boxen syns, vad surt att du missade det exemplaret, jag har knappt sett någon sån box sen jag köpte min på tradera 2008, riktigt fin är den och möjligen det mest imponerande i min FF-samling!


  1. Aaaaah, I found your blog looking for a lot of rare items, actually!

    I’ve been hunting down Xenosaga merch for the last two years (i got into the game too young to really get any match when it was available). I know I started late, and it makes it very, very hard to find any of the rarer items or pre order/limited edition items. Looking at your collection makes me so ecstatic that someone else loves this series as much as I do. Just know that if you ever plan on selling it all, I would give you thousands upon thousands upon thousands for this lol at least if it continues to become as difficultfinding items as it is now. Happy collecting!


  2. Hello!

    I am always glad to see when new people stumble in here, hehe.
    Starting a Xeno collection now really seems like a nightmare and like you say some items are just impossible
    to find, I felt like I started to late back in 2006… Some items are at least cheaper to get now so getting a decent collection would
    be a lot faster than back then and if you haven’t seen them already I do have some duplicates for sale at ebay and some more here:

    Just ask if you want any of that, the shipping can be high since I live in Sweden but if you buy a lot I gladly give a discount, hehe!

    It really makes me happy every time that I hear about new fans of the series, especially when they also collect the items like you!
    By the way, I will soon add some of those impossible to find Xenogears items if you also like Gears?


  3. Great collection!

    I love Xenogears and Xenosaga, and I have just two special items from the series, Perfect Works artbook and the japanese limited edition of Xenosaga Episode II, but I have all the games (on normal edition). I really like your site, i watched your SFC collection and your top 10 SFC covers and those were great posts too.



    1. Thank you!

      Always nice to get comments from people who bothered to scroll all the way trough the collection, hehe.
      The normal games and Perfect Works goes a long way, glad to see another fan!
      For some reason a lot of my posts are about console-cleaning projects but feel free to dig a little in older post or
      check back in the future, Xeno will always be my biggest love and I am sure to write more posts about it.


  4. Jädrar vilken samling, letade efter lite information på Xenosaga II eftersom jag sitter och spelar det just nu (promo) och råkade ramlade in på din sida. Du måste verkligen ha allt som finns att köpa i Xeno väg, riktigt imponerande!,


    1. Haha, tackar, alltid kul när folk trillar in, det är väl lätt hänt om man letar efter bilder på Xeno-samlingar, hehe.
      Kul att du väljer att spela tvåan IGEN, det är ju seriens svarta får för dom flesta, tyvärr har jag inte direkt
      någon information om själva spelen på sidan just nu utan det är bara samlandet som tar plats men vill du veta
      något specifikt som bästa stället att få levlar så kan jag svara på sånt med!


  5. Det var riktigt intressant att se allt som finns, jag har några Xeno prylar i min samling:


    Länken är lång men den fungerar:).

    Nja jag började spela Xenosaga II för något år sen, tror jag kom 10 timmar in i spelet sen slutade jag spela så nu blir det att spela det från början igen:/ jag får ta den smällen:).


  6. Tack för länken, en bra början på en Xeno samling där, dom två stora boxarna var det första jag
    själv köpte, sen spårade det ur, hehe. Men någon Promo version av Episode II har jag faktiskt inte
    så om du någonsin vill byta bort den mot något annat eller kanske bara utöka samlingen så
    har jag en del dubbletter som du kanske redan klickat dig vidare till, hehe.

    Okej, ja vi alla har väl spel där det blivit så men jag hoppas att du tar dig till slutet denna gång
    och som sagt har jag inget emot att svara på specifika frågor om du kör fast!


  7. Jo dom två stora Xenosaga boxarna är riktigt fina, synd att jag inte har plats att ha dom framme, mest RE prylar som står i hyllorna:).

    Det är promo skivorna jag spelar på just nu, har samlat på promo spel lite från och till ett par år och personligen har jag bara sett ett exemplar av just Xenosaga II, dom flesta promo spel trycks vanligtvis upp i några hundra exemplar så det bör finnas fler även om jag inte hittat något mer, om jag hittar en till så kan jag väl säga till om du vill.


  8. Your Xenosaga/gears collection is so great. It looks like that I am too late to collect mine. Your dedication is exquisite. The thing I want to ask that are Xenosaga artbooks great enough to reflect the trilogy? Also, are your TCG sets complete? How many cards do every episode have totally? I want to buy the guides, artbooks and all TCG set by monthly on some Japanese online shops. Especially, those guides. Sorry, too many question to you, but , what contents are in the Nakoruru Limited box? Lastly, do you think to buy Xeno Emission set?


  9. Thank you! Dedication is the word, it has already been 10 years of collecting and even back then I felt a bit late to the party…
    A lot of items are just impossible to find now but a lot of the items are actually much easier, building a decent collection now
    is not THAT hard but going for this level is not recommended even if I always am happy to see new collectors!

    As for the questions, it might get a bit messy but I hope these are the answers you want:

    If you want artbooks to look at the actual art, the Emission books and Perfect Works are the best, really good quality when it
    comes both to the art and the books itself, material it is printed on etc. But then there is the “artbooks” that go deeper in
    the story and answers some of the questions left after the games like (again) Perfect Works, ODM and the two
    guides for Episode III.

    Yes, my trading card sets are complete! It’s a bit messy which cards to include in a “full” set but Episode I has 99 cards
    split in normal, rare and special. Then there is 3 special “box” cards that you could only get in the larger booster boxes…
    and lastly we have the 3 more Premium cards that I am not 100% sure how you got or if you should include
    them at all in this set. So in total 105 Cards exist.

    Episode II has 84 cards+ one special and Episode III never got any.

    I was a bit confused about the Nakoruru question in the Xeno section, haha, but it only includes the game and a
    small figure, my copy is actually for sale if you are interested?

    Maybe you missed them but I already have the Emission set, both the separate books and
    the rare box set that includes all three!


  10. Hello Opkij86, I want to ask a few questions. I will be happy if you answer them; I decided to focus the core parts of Xenosaga; the video games, art books and guides, music.

    – Do the outer files have music tracks or like a drama cd?
    – I totally skipped the animation; it is like insulting the series; bad writing, bad voice acting, bad art, but the music seems fine, you agree? I might to buy the anime ost.
    – Do you know pure image form of this cover, without titles on it? https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B00FC6VI7Q/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=1J06A6XZBXUA8&coliid=I2OOHYG0HJ9SUB
    – Do you have extra Xenosaga II video game, Xenosaga II soundtrack and Xenosaga III soundtrack to sell?

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Hi! Thanks for asking and that is how my collection started as well, with the games, then soundtracks,
    guides and artbooks… now look at it, hehe.

    -The Outer files are drama CDs, they actually have some interesting story and hopefully we will see a full
    fan translation some day.
    -Haha, I am not that hard on the anime but compared to game it is of course a joke. Even if it has the basic
    Xenosaga story it is quite far from being my favorite anime. It does have a few great tracks and the OST is
    quite cheap.
    -I love that art but sadly there is no “pure” version. It should be possible to recreate it however since
    both the Shion and KOS-MOS art exist elsewhere.
    -I do have extra copies of the limited versions of the soundtracks to sell but they might be a bit expensive,
    just let me know if they are of interest! Also which region of the game are you looking for?



  12. Hey opkij86, sorry, busy on studying university exams. Well… I will not promise to buy them, because it is about my budget for now. I want to buy Xenosaga II and III original soundtracks, I have the first one. Secondly, Xenosaga II English is ok for me, NTSC or PAL. Even we might have a deal, mind you, I can’t send you money via PayPal. It is banned at my country.


    1. Hi again, no worries, I have been a bit busy myself! I will check again but I think I already
      have sold all my english duplicates of Episode II… Anyway, we can continue the discussion
      in a mail if you want the soundtracks later: opkij86@hotmail.com


  13. OMG I’m so impressed by your dedication that it’s not even funny.

    And I thought I was the greatest fan of the Xenos franchise with my Tattoo ( I have a full sleeve with various stuffs from the games )
    Know that I’m HIGHLY jealous right now.

    Btw can we see what’s inside the black box?

    Hi from the frozen land of maple syrup.


    1. Oh hello! Sorry about the extra late answer, thanks for the comment and visit!

      No use in competing over who is the biggest fan, we all have different ways of showing it, for me it is the collection
      and for you it is the tattoo (which also sounds really cool!).

      Hm, as for the black box, do you mean the one with KOS-MOS swimsuit in T-elos color? I would just search for it on
      the internet, there are good pictures of it elsewhere, I will sadly not open mine.
      Let me know if you can’t find it or if you meant another “black box” haha.

      (also stay tuned, a few new items coming soon)


  14. I am just in awe at your collection. might i ask what are some of the sites you use? i’m getting into collecting xenosaga items as well and havnt run into half of any of the items you have in yours. but awesome collection 😀


    1. Thanks for taking a look! I’m a bit torn about those two, the price is too high at the moment, it feels like
      you mostly pay for a generic oversized doll. The clothes do look good though and if you check back in a few
      years I might have everything else on the list and go for the dolls, haha.


  15. Hi, fantastic collection!, I can’t believe all the amazing Xeno stuff you have, that is true dedication and must have cost you a fortune and happy to see the most underrated part Xenosaga getting so much love. One question tho why did you not add anything from the Xenoblades? I know the first game was originally a standalone but Takakshi fully converted it into the whole overall series and went around full circle with the addition of X and Blade 2 through thematic lore elements, philosophy and the X prefix. So I would have figured it deserved a spot even though it uses a more of a fantasy- sci-fi mix then the previous Xeno games.


    1. Hello and thank you! Someone has to give Xenosaga some love even if it indeed has cost me a fortune and a lot of time over the years, haha.

      I’m surprised that I don’t get the Xenoblade question more often, I have of course played the games and I do have a few of the items but I’m not collecting them at the moment. I will write a longer post about the Blade games someday but I really wish that they would have kept the original name / title (Monado: Beginning of the World) and not reuse so many ideas from Xenogears and Saga…

      Anyway, if I ever manage to complete the collection I might go for the Blade items as well, they are luckily much fewer!


  16. Hi again, Thanks for responding and yeah i figured you spent a lot, none of that stuff looks very cheap lol. I’m surprised myself no asks that question a lot either especially since the link is obvious. Now about that last comment about the original name, do you feel that Xenoblade would have been better off left as a standalone game rather then the decision they made to add it to the Xeno franchise? I for one am glad they did it, it was interesting to see them a take different approach with the blade games for the series and I have enjoyed them all quite a bit. They still feel very much like Xeno games to me like intended.


  17. Wow. That is a very impressive collection. I myself collect KOS-MOS figures. I doubt it but would you be willing to part witj one of your Garage Kits? I am looking for the KOS-MOS with gun one. Thank you and great collection!


    1. Thank you for visiting and taking a look! I know a few people who collect the figures only but not too many go for the Garage kits since they are quite the pain… I’m still torn about collecting them or not, some of them are very limited, we are talking less than 100 copies. I was going to recommend you to ask about the missing kit on “Myfigurecollection” but I then saw that you already tried that earlier, haha. I will let you know if I ever see another copy or any other interesting versions of KOS-MOS!


  18. Wow, your collection is hardcore. I’m disappointed that I missed my chance at getting that Perfect Works reprint and I’m hoping I could find it again without having to sell my kidney. I only have the EPII design book, did a III one even exist?


    1. Thank you for visiting! I had to approve the comments manually but they got trough. I have said this before but the price on Perfect Works vary very much between sellers and some sell the reprint at a higher price than the original… Still can’t believe the reprint is real at all, I hope you can find and afford it without losing any bodyparts in the future.

      As for Episode III, the “Perfect Guide” and “Official Complete Guide” is the closest we get to that design book, they both include a little of everything, a game guide, some art, glossary/ database, interviews etc. A lot of information but not as cool as a collector item.


  19. Was the concert Blu-ray released but purchased? Luckily I was able to attend the theater screening event but it was a great achievement


    1. Hello again! The Blu-ray is on the way to me, I am really glad that they decided to release it.
      Did you see the concert live or was there a screening of the Blu-ray?


      1. The concerts were watched at all of the Amphitheater, Nico Nico Animation, and Blu-ray screening events.
        Each was a great experience


    2. Thanks for sharing!! Very helpful. Really wish that Xeno emissions Box would pop up somewhere… got Xeno preview + e1 e2 e3 e4 but missing the box!!!

      New Kos MOs xenoblade chronicles 2 figure being released in a couple months. $250 is the price tag but it looks extremely high quality.

      The USA Lenticular cover (Kos mos) is REALLY cool I didn’t know that existed! Only ever saw the t – Elos one.

      Thanks again for sharing! If you ever sell off any of your collection let me know!

      I’m sure you won’t (I certainly wouldn’t) but just in case 😉

      Take good care! Thanks again for spending the time to share this with the world.


      1. Hello! Thanks yourself for taking the time to look and write!

        I keep blaming other projects but I still plan on redoing the layout and add much more information,
        but I know just the pictures helps a lot for now.

        Nice! I must say I get curious of what else you have if you managed to get all emission books,
        including the fourth! Finding the box is not an easy task… I sold a duplicate many years ago
        and I think that I only have seen one more since then. I will let you know if another appears.

        Oh, I didn’t know that they had revealed the price for KOS-MOS!

        Actually, the lenticular cover shows KOS-MOS from one angle and T-elos in another, there is only
        one version, haha.

        If you haven’t seen it yet I do have some duplicates for sale: https://imgur.com/a/cop6s#G018GSu
        I try to keep that updated, but yeah, I won’t be selling anything from the main collection.

        Thanks again, I don’t update too often but feel free to check in again in the future, some amazing
        items will be added later this year!


  20. We haven’t talked in a while, but I was feeling nostalgic for Xenosaga and had to stop by just to look at the incredible collection again. I was happy to notice that you have gotten a fair few new things! (But still, that KOS-MOS lithograph is as elusive as ever, haha!) I hope that you are doing well. I’ve caught up on your moving posts and am happy to see that things are proceeding along. 🙂


    1. Oh hello! It has been a while indeed! But at least you know what I have been up to then, hehe.
      Actually, everything is finally in place again and pictures of the new setup are on the way!

      Hopefully there will soon be time over to write those good old long emails again, haha.
      But I do hope all is well! If I didn’t have you to back me up I would have thought that
      one lithograph was just a dream…


      1. I agree! I do miss the lengthy emails. They were something to look forward to! I just got so absorbed in life stuff that a month turned into several months, and then into a year before I knew it. We’ll have to jump start that again soon!


  21. Wow thats a very impressive collection!
    I have been hunting the Xeno emission box for years without success, if you ever decide to sell it give me a shout, your price will be mine 🙂


    1. Thanks for taking a look! Oh no, the Emission book box… that’s a long hunt indeed, I won’t sell mine but I will let you know if
      I see another. I did see one last year but it was (as usual) sold together with the books and quite expensive.


      1. Thanks for the reply!
        I was sure you were not gonna sell it…but had to try aniway xD
        Price is not a problem for now, would be already a miracle to find one on sale!
        Thanks for letting me know if you stumble upon another one! 😀


  22. Impressive collection! What items are you missing/looking for? Which of the ones you have do you consider the rarest?



    1. Thank you for taking a look! As always I’m a bit behind on updates but as for rarest I do have a few were there is
      technically only one copy. It’s impossible to tell with some items, especially promo material how many copies are left
      but a lot of the items in the collection is below 100. I have considered doing a rarity list and I really like the idea of
      sharing one for other collectors.

      My number one most wanted item is a working phone with the Pied Piper game installed… Other than that I am still
      missing a promo poster for Xenogears (1998) and another poster from 2014 for Xenosaga I which you could get by
      preordering a KOS-MOS figure.


    2. No problem, I gladly answer any questions! I do have the mouse pad from the Special fan book and
      the book you mention is the one included in the Episode II premium box! Maybe I should add
      pictures like that too someday but first I need to find a better way to sort them all, haha.


  23. from Japan
    I was surprised and impressed that there was someone who loved Xenosaga so much.
    I’m sorry I gave up the collection if I knew you early.
    This is a tapestry that I got from a prize in a game magazine.
    I will share that there were such goods.
    I will continue to support you.


    1. Thank you for writing and visiting!

      Do you still have picture of the tapestry?
      You must have been a fan from the beginning
      if you were able to win it in a magazine!


    1. Hello!

      How nice of you to tell me, I didn’t expect
      to find out that all of a sudden, haha.
      I have seen that magazine before but never
      knew that was the source of the DVD!
      Maybe I should add the magazine as well then.
      Thank you!


  24. I have just started my Xeno collection and I stumbled on your collection and it just wowed me. Xenoblade is what got me started earlier in 2020. I managed to pick up a few items from sendico, can’t wait for them to arrive. I managed to score the premium I and II boxes with everything still in them in fantastic condition. Also managed to pick up the magazines, multiple different editions of the Japanese version of the Xenosaga games, a few of the soundtrack CDs, two of them still sealed, and Xenogears in awesome condition. I have also managed to negotiate with a seller elsewhere for the NTSC American Xenosaga games 1-3 all factory sealed for a fair price.


    1. Wow! To think people are still starting Xeno collections these days, really happy to hear it!
      I hope you have some space for those Premium boxes, they are massive, hehe, I actually upgraded
      my copy of the Episode II box to a sealed one today.
      With all the items you list it sounds like a great start to the collection! Some of them are both easier
      and cheaper to find today while others have become impossible to find…
      Feel free to update me again in the future if the collections grows even more or if you want to buy
      any of my duplicates, I try to keep the link on my site updated with what I have for sale.


      1. Thank you. I will definitely keep you updated. Living in Sydney Australia, I cant imagine the shipping being cheap, but I will definitely have a look at what you have and get in contact. 🙂


      2. Would you be able to let me know the actual measurements of the premium boxes as I can’t find the measurements anywhere and I want to make sure I have the right amount of space to put them on display when they come from overseas.
        If you could, you would be a lifesaver.

        Thank you


      3. Feel free to send me an email in the future (opkij86@hotmail.com),
        a bit easier than using this comment section, haha.
        But the measurements for the Episode I box in cm is 39,5x28x15
        and Episode II 46,5x38x16,5


  25. Hello! This collection is wild, I’m a bit envious! I’m a fairly new fan of the Xeno series. I got Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition about a year ago, and since then I’ve either played or watched playthroughs of every Xeno game except Xenoblade Chronicles X. Right now I can’t afford it, but in the future I would love to collect a lot of the action figures, art books, CDs, etc. Though unfortunately, these things tend to become more expensive over time. One thing I wanted to ask about is the absence of Xenoblade from your collection. Do you not have an interest in collecting Xenoblade collectibles? Also, what websites would you recommend for finding Xeno merchandise? Would Amazon and eBay be good, or are there better options?


    1. Hello! It sounds like you had a busy year then, haha. As you might expect I’m a bigger fan
      of Saga and Gear but I do have a few items from Blade too, just not enough to show of or
      call it an active collection.
      Most items are indeed going up in price, or just becomes impossible to find… I felt like I
      was late to the party when I started collecting in 2006 but now I see a lot of people like you,
      coming from Xenoblade and wanting to collect for the older games too.
      I would call any site that sells Xeno items good, haha. But ebay is always relevant since it
      has sellers from all over the world. For Japanese items Yahoo auctions is a good place to
      check but very few ship worldwide so you more or less need a proxy which of course
      raises the prices and hassle. Checking with other collectors is probably a good idea too,
      I still have lots of duplicates to sell and I know its true for others as well.


      1. Thank you. I’ll keep you in mind down the line when I do start collecting if you still have some duplicates to sell. It’s clear that I’ll definitely need to do some digging if I want to collect some of the rarer items, though your collection makes a handy reference. Considering that you had a 16-year headstart, I’m sure it’ll be much more difficult and expensive for me depending on how much I collect. I won’t be trying to collect as much as you (that may not even be possible now anyway), but I’d certainly love to acquire a sizeable collection someday.


  26. Hi Jayden. I have also started collecting recently as well and yes it is quite an expensive hobby. However, it is one I enjoy immensely. I also started buying the Xenoblade definitive edition back in 2020 and my love for the series as a whole grew from there. I’ve collected Xenogears, Saga, Blade as a whole. In terms of purchasing Xeno items, as Richard said, eBay is your safest and best option, however, I also use a Japanese Proxy called Sendico, however they can be a bit dear sometimes as they have a 500 yen purchase fee on all items. I may have a few extra duplicates coming in the coming few months, so if you’d like more than happy to get in touch with you.

    Also, Richard, I have a question if that is ok. I have a pretty decent collection at this point and I just want to share it with people, not for any gain but just for the appreciation of the series. I was thinking of perhaps starting a website like yours but I have no idea where to start. Any points or suggestions would be awesome if that is ok with you.



    1. Great to see I’m not alone, and thank you for the tips. I may take you up on that offer, though it depends partially on how soon we’re talking. Right now I can’t really afford to buy anything, but in maybe half a year or so, I should be better off to start collecting. If you still have any duplicates at that point, I may be able to buy some then.


    2. Hello!
      I find it a bit funny and nice that you turned this into a mini forum, haha.
      I’m no expert at all when it comes to sites/blogs etc. I just started this
      one for free years ago, spent a few days learning how things worked and
      since then I have been very lazy on updating or changing the design…
      I do however pay around 80euro/dollar a year to add some more storage,
      remove ads and have a shorter url these days.
      Just yesterday I saw a “tumblr blog” that I think looked simple and great
      for displaying pictures so maybe that is a format to look into?
      Either way, I look forward to seeing your collection in the future,
      not a small task to collect for all three series!


  27. Hey I was wondering if you still have the Momo blanket available for sale. Also I love your collection, I find myself going back here every couple of months. You inspired me to start collecting Xenosaga merch, I’ve loved the games since I was 6.


    1. Wow, 6 years old is quite early to find the series, haha! As always I am happy to hear that the site
      fills its purpose of inspiring and spreading info about Xeno merch. Sadly nothing on this page is
      for sale, there is a imgur link with the items I have for sale but no Momo blanket. It is very rare
      but I will let you know if I see one for sale!


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