The cursed background

I have been busy with some other things lately but I finally fixed the main
background. It was supposed to be a simple placeholder space background but
in the end I spent a lot of time adjusting it back and forth, bah.

Anyway, it will have to do for now, I think the place might be ready
for a visitor or two, hehe!

Beaten games list

Phew, it took some time but the beaten games list is up and double checked.
I know some sub-titles are missing but I will get back to that later and maybe
arrange the games alphabetically instead of the current mess.

That is all for today!

Setting up

Like the title says I’m still setting up and trying everything but
I still felt like writing a post in the unlikely event that someone would pop in.

The most important parts are up and you can get a feeling of how everything
will be. I will keep working on it!