The end of 2016

Phew, already closing in on the end of this year, it has gone by very fast but
it also been a very intense year which probably explains why I haven’t made
that many posts.

This will be the short version of my year, first the games, as you will see
when I put up my complete list for the year (around next week) this ended up
as the most gaming intense year of all time, sure I beat more games in 2013
but that included a lot of short and easy NES and PC games, this time the
list has a lot of both massive and long-awaited games that
I never thought I would get to play.

Over all it has been a great year for the collection even though my budget
has been a bit shaky (not to mention the credit card fraud just days before
christmas, huhu). The PS2 collecting has gone far beyond my expectations
and will hopefully be completed early 2017 even if a lot of good games and
limited editions are being released at that time.
As I have mentioned the Xeno items are far apart these days but looking
at the entire year it has still been a few nice additions.
Most of my collecting this year has only been possible thanks to people
trading or buying my duplicates etc.
Many thanks to everyone I have done business with during the year!

As for the non-gaming related year, my sister gave birth to one of those
small creatures that will one day be forced to play RPGs at her uncle’s!
No but seriously, I was quite surprised and not too happy about the sudden
revelation at first but now that the little Freja is about six months old
and starting to learn a few things we all love her and I am surprised how
well my sister is holding up, I know exactly how much you have to offer to
raise a kid and I never saw my sister as someone who would do that.
Luckily she has the best of fiancées supporting her and I really do look
forward to see what kind of person the baby will become!

Only weeks after the birth, our great-grandmother died, nothing surprising
when you are 90 years old of course but still sad.
My brother has also had a minor (well, probably major for him) life crisis,
more or less every close friend and family has moved during the year,
I have met a lot of new people and also a lot of old people who I only had
known through text until now… Phew, just a lot has happened and in the
end I will remember this as a great year!

Let’s end this with the thing you all like, pictures of games!

I was quite surprised to find 4, FOUR RPGs waiting under the
christmas tree for me, I suspected Dragon Quest would be there but this
made me feel like a spoiled kid, haha:

Combining this with the Steam sale and the upcoming games like
TALES OF BERSERIA and NIER AUTOMATA makes it feel like next year
will be a true gaming year as well.

I also entered one of those secret santa threads and received something nice:

I would be happy to get anything besides crappy christmas candy but
this was far beyond my expectations!

And lastly, I just want to wish a -Happy New Gaming Year-
and thank all of my readers with this picture: