Now with pictures!

I just couldn’t move on until I got this done, sooo this post will just
be new pictures of ALL PS2 games.
I also went ahead and made a category/ page with the same pictures,
a bit unnecessary maybe but I want them to be easy to find
in the future too. Seems like the total number is 153 games, hehe.

Every english PS2 RPG !

I am both happy and a bit annoyed at the moment, happy because the final
game needed to complete the PS2 collection arrived yesterday,
annoyed because I spent all day taking photos of the games, arranging
them and moving things around only to find out that my camera for some
reason decided not to save most of the pictures…
Now that the collection is complete I might invest in a new one, bah.

This was supposed to be a large post with pictures of them all but I
don’t have the time and energy to redo it all at the moment, I will do
it in the future but enjoy the few pictures that remains for now:

This is how I wanted to show all the games, sorted by region and series.

The second and final overview remaining…

The limited/ special boxes, a bit hard to see Wild Arms 5.

More limited/ special boxes, the FFXI and Dragon Quest boxes have some
damage and will probably be replaced.

Ah the big ones, I forgot the Mana Khemia one but we can just
recycle the old picture of that.

There it is!

Wo, all of them together! NTSC on the upper row, PAL and a few NTSC
on the lower. How glorious, all in alphabetic order.
Well the Xeno and Tales of games is placed on other shelves but
the rest of them are here!

Another angle of them all.

A bit tight but I am happy I could fit them all on two shelves, well,
Xenosaga 2 is with the rest of the Xeno, Mana khemia on the Gust shelf
and FFXI on the FF shelf.

The entire Playstation shelf can’t fit in one picture but this is how it looks
right now, I had to move the Final Fantasy related PSP boxes to the FF shelf
but I think this solution is good, two shelves for PS2 boxes and two for PSP.
I will be in serious space-trouble if (when) I go for the
japanese PS2 games, hehe.

So happy to finally have them all! As you might see if you zoom in I went
ahead and added all of the “maybe games” that others have called RPGs or
added to their RPG collections, feel free to tell me if you see anything
I lack or something that I should remove but I do believe this really is
a complete set of every RPG released in english on the console.

I know people might complain that 1/3 of the games are PAL versions but
a lot of them was easier to find since I live in the PAL region and since I
don’t want duplicates and refuse to sell the ones I bought on release
part of the games just have to be PAL.
On that note I know you could have finished this set much cheaper if you
lived in the NTSC zone and like I said I bought a lot of the games on release,
probably 1/4 at least… Oh well, as a result most of the game are in
extremely good condition, a few need new boxes (the plastic case),
one manual is missing thanks to an error on my part and about 2-3
discs could use upgrades, otherwise it is all good.

This has been a really fun collection and dream to fulfill, it started 15 years
ago but the active collecting lasted about 1,5 years I think?
Thanks to everyone who have sold me any of the games or bought anything
from me to help finance it all!

I really hope that I will be able to take a break from the collecting
and buy a few other things that I need but if I know myself correctly
I will probably be back soon and reveal my next goal, hehe. Either way I
still have other things to write about and a heap of games to show!