Another minor update

It seems like I always make excuses about not making more posts or
more informative ones… I really want to make something like that,
a real analysis of Xenosaga or maybe another of my favorite games or
just decide what I want to do with the SFC-section or even the ever
so secret project, guh.

Anyway, at the moment the thought about beating 1000 games is quite
consuming, I just keep on beating those games and at the moment I
really enjoy it and have spent all free time on that instead of
other projects. This has been a crazy year with a lot of games I
never thought I would see the end of, not to mention that both
Final Fantasy XV AND Last Guardian is just around the corner.
I look forward to write the “beaten games of the year list” that
probably will follow the same formula as last year,
look forward to that!

I have manage to sell a few of my repaired/ cleaned consoles lately
but my storage is still more cramped than ever thanks to a new
mountain of about 5 moving boxes from a friend…
It will take ages to go through it all.

As for the collecting, this is actually the final stretch and
these are some of the last missing games:


Surprised Jade Cocoon 2 was left until the end and Tsugunai was
quite the pain but it is all coming together. I do have some
trouble finding RPG maker 3 and the limited editions of Persona 3
and Devil Summoner 2, the shipping is usually too high to ship
here or the condition is just too bad. Oh well, they will appear
sooner or later but I had hoped to finish this by the
end of the year.

Well, time to finish up some games and get ready
for the long-awaited FFXV!

My (non Xeno) Posters

Wow, it has been a while since I wrote something, partly because the
collecting still is a bit slow and with all the new games being released
there is not much room to complete the PS2 collection at the moment.
At least a few titles are on the way and it is not that many left in total.

Another reason for the lack of posts is my continued high rate when
it comes to beating games with a few larger games finally finished
including Bravely Second, Dragon Quest III, Demon’s Souls and yesterday
even Exist Archive ended.

I will of course come back to all of them but for today let’s just make
a filler and look at some of the non-Xeno posters in the collection.

Sadly I will never be able to display and frame these posters so I
thought I would at least take pictures of them. A bit sad just having
them rolled up so I am open for offers on most of them but I do have
some favorites that I probably will keep:

Romancing Saga Minstrel Song, I have yet to play
the game but it is a selling poster!

Seiken Densetsu 4, I thought rabbites in 3D was enough to make
the best game, sadly I was wrong and the poster is probably
better than the game…

Tales of Legendia, My favorite of all the Tales of posters, the dark
colors in the background looks amazing and I unlike most people have
almost only good memories with the game.

Valkyrie Profile, By far the best one, an original promo poster from
the PS1 era and not the PSP version. Both rare and beautiful, also the
only one I really wanted, all of the other were either bought on a
whim or part of other deals.

If you want to see some more (mostly Tales of) you can do it here: