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Hi everyone!

I know it’s far between updates these days but I just want to say I’m glad that
you keep visiting and I am extra happy to see some new collectors lately
that really have some use for the site!

Let’s just show some of the items that I have received lately:

First out is the very anticipated Fei figure, I am very happy with how it looks,
especially considering it is an action figure, there is plenty of cool pictures
on the internet with all the poses already if you want to take a closer look,
mine will sadly stay sealed for the collection, maybe I will get an
opened copy in the future.

Next, the newly released Nier and Automata soundtrack, yes another one…
this time fully orchestrated in a very beautiful box, love it!
A bit silly having to buy the box to get 4 extra tracks but oh well,
I can never get enough of the music even if it is getting a bit silly:

I’m even missing one disc and the Blu-rays and the Vinyl box isn’t even in
the picture!

As for the music, some tracks feel a bit empty without the usual vocals but
some of them are absolutely amazing and makes up for it with a choir or two.

My goal was to spend the year filling out the gaps in my english
PS1 collection but all these soundtracks and Xeno got in the way…
oh well, next year it is and this is a good start:

I never bothered to get Legend of Mana because I had it “burned” to play and
the Millennium box to look at, feels nice to finally own it. Wild Arms 2 is
also something I have wanted to play for all long time, it’s my next game up!

This SHOULD be my second last soundtrack this year but you never know, hehe:

A bad picture I know but I tried to show how golden the golden gold is…

Anyway, it is the Kurt Hymneth box, filled with Ar Tonelico music!
I have wanted this for a long time, love the music, as you might know by
know my weakness is made-up languages in music, Yuki Kajiuras music,
Nier and also Ar Tonelico.

It includes the nice box, a 100 pages book with lyrics and info about every
track and two smaller booklets, and most important,
not one or two but NINE discs!!

One is hiding. The best part of all is the one DVD disc that includes
surround versions of the tracks that have that in-game. One of the few
games that use surround well, especially on the PS2 and being able to
listen to them without replaying the games is fantastic!
What a box, I got it a bit cheaper because a Ar tonelico 3 USB stick
preview is missing but I gladly offer that to cut the price and
afford this one. I much rather get the full soundtrack if I want to
listen to those few tracks anyway.

Last for today we have something I never thought would exist…
Xenosaga Emission Book Episode 4!
No, the series is still dead, writing that 4 just feels wrong.
This entire book or more like pamphlet about 20 pages is just filled
with drawings for the sadly cancelled KOS-MOS Bust…
seeing what this simple book cost, my wallet is glad that the bust
itself got cancelled but the fan in me is a bit sad since the
prototype looked otherworldly good.

That should be all I have gotten recently except a few new PS4 games
like Dragon Quest XI etc.

I will get back to playing now, the beaten games list this year is
going to be quite impressive, everything from indie platformers
like Celeste and Iconoclasts to splendid Octopath and Dragon Quest
and even some WESTERN RPGs and Shenmue, phew.