August 2018, new Xenosaga items

I’m still around, I can’t believe the summer already has come and passed.
And what a summer at that, it has been too hot for me or anyone else to get
anything done around here, expect for playing games of course, nothing can
stop me on that front, hehe. Sadly I never get around to write about them but
I wanted to at least show some kind of life sign and show a few new additions
to the collection, all of them Saga related this time.

I have skipped this item a few times because I always thought it was a
simple A4 paper but it is actually a nice little folder with three pages and
the notes for “Nephilim” on both side, an item given to people in the
Procyon studio “fan club” if I understand correctly.

I expected there could be one of these out there but I haven’t seen it before.
A Xenosaga II Promo edition from Germany! It also includes the bonus DVD,
identical to the retail version. The case is probably not how it was
originally given, they often just come in paper or plastic sleeves but I will
keep it in there anyway.
As for the product number, both discs says SCES-82034, the same as
the retail number for the first disc, hm, I will have to start
these later to confirm that both disc 1 and 2 is present.
Interesting either way!

The best for last, probably one of the rarest items in the collection,
an odd CD case that holds 6 discs (all three games, hehe) made by Idea Factory
and with the Namco logo on the back. I have never seen another for sale
and don’t really know how you got this, probably a lottery as usual but I
would be happy to know more… Super happy to have it in any case, haha.

I hope everyone else survived the summer without melting! Let’s look
forward to Dragon Quest XI in less than two weeks and the new
Xenogears figures sprinkled over the rest of the year!