Loot of January


Time for the first of these for this year, quite a few new items thanks to
Retrogathering which I visited yesterday. I don’t think I have ever spoken to
as many nice people in one day before, the entire day was a real success!

Quite a strange feeling when you can travel 14 minutes from home and find
SFC games for sale, even if it is just twice a year:


A few Strategy games for my secret strategy corner, hehe.
Really good prices and condition even if I already own a Power Monger.


Oh yes, the Dreamcast version of Pier Solar! I will make a longer post
about it when I finally get to playing it. I haven’t touched the game
since the original Megadrive/ Genesis release but it is my favorite game
on that system and I am really impressed that they manage to complete
that project. I spoke a lot to one of the developers yesterday,
bought the game from him and even ended up on the same train home, hehe,
a real pleasure!


Finally bought Ar Nosurge as well, a shame that it took this long
since I really like Ar Toneclio, at least 1 and 2.
High expectations on the soundtrack!


This is another thing I have been looking for, yet another version of Xenosaga
the Animation, sadly it seems to be really discolored on the back side,
the stickers and other damage is only on the shrink-wrap but I suppose that
I will have to get another copy…

Last but not least we have the Tales of Berseria Collector’s Edition:


The annoying part about collecting is of course when items arrive
badly packaged or not in as good condition as you expect. Most stores,
especially here in Sweden are terrible when it comes to packaging and sadly
the Berseria box got a bit damaged…
The inside of the box was at least really nice, all the standard items like
mini soundtrack, artbook etc but those mini figures will look cute together
with the rest of the Tales of chibis and the badges also look superb!
A nice bonus is how good the game is (so far), hehe.

Aside from these I actually have a few more expensive games on the way,
aside from limited boxes I don’t buy THAT many expensive games but sometimes
you need to add some of those to spice up the collection! Stay tuned, haha!