I finally decided to make a page for everything Lego related,
this year (2021) has truly been a return to those fun little plastic pieces
and this is where I will show both official sets, things that I have built
myself and just everything Lego related!

As you will soon see I mainly build Castle related creations and I have spent
quite some time and money to get my 80s style inspired castle town together.
I only use the colors available during my childhood in the 80s and 90s and
almost only pieces available back then, I like working with restrictions
and this style, it puts me in a good mood just seeing buildings like these!

I finally put the entire village together and took… some photos, I haven’t
sorted them at all yet so just feel free to scroll down and pick your
favorites yourself, haha. Either way, I am very happy to call this little
project complete!

(Double click to zoom in on the pictures)

Alternate version with round tower, no furniture or figures in it yet.

The Inn: Aside from the main keep, this was my first building.
Strongly inspired by the official “Guarded Inn” and classic RPG inns.
I think it turned out great and probably has my favorite interior but I
wish the second floor had a bit more space.
Quite likely I will rebuild this in the future!

Lumberjack: My second house, home to a lumberjack.
An odd shape but I really like the space for the lumberjack, wagon and
also the under-stairs storage in the back!a very hard to operate
removable floor to see the downstairs.

Stable: Such a simple build but such fun to make and look at,
it really goes well with the official sets too!

Minor Shop: One of the few houses without interior.

The market: These are so easy to make and really livens up the town!
I might do a few more later.

Minor house: This is the most simple and…least good one but
I really wanted to make a quick one and try the color scheme.

Market gate: this is supposed to be a gate for foot traffic and not
horses or armies.Strongly inspired by set 6062, hehe. You can close one,
two or three doors with the simple but working and lockable mechanism!

Random walls: Designed just like the 80s walls, I’m going to need another 50
of these before I can complete the town, haha

Market square statue: One of my first attempt ever on making a
human shape in Lego, not easy, but I find it quite comical, haha.
He is going to get a nicer sword later but I didn’t want to use a nice
one for a prototype.

The green house: I have dreamt about building a green house for 25 years
or so but green parts were very rare back then. I think it looks just amazing!
Just a normal living house for two with some rather complex shapes.

Central market house: This turned out greater than I ever thought possible!
It is strongly inspired by a house in the Tales of Destiny Remake on PS2.
It has a small living space in the right door, an armor shop and living space in
the left. The upper floor has a bigger living space for two with a nice bridge
connecting the entrance with the main bedroom.
Also, this was a test of yet another color scheme that turned out great.

The Smith: Probably my best house, built with the experience and inspiration of
all the official smith sets! Now in the 80s style!
A weapon shop below and living space up top.

Triple market: This is my latest house and doesn’t have any interior or details
yet but it will look lovely with those and some minifigs in place!
I forgot to take a photo of it but there is a balcony running through the middle
of the second floor and then two identical apartments.

The square shop: Another really fun build, very symmetrical.
A very cramped house on the second floor and an even more cramped
over-stocked shop on the first floor.

The main hall and kitchen: This is were the king and soldiers eat and feast!
I finally got to try those more advanced wall techniques and they are just
the best even if they usually waste to much space. Also, very happy with
the chandelier that hangs in the roof and is impossible to actually see
in it’s right place…

Prison tower: The only building that opens with hinges at the moment,
a classic and lovely way of displaying the inside!
Mostly a lump of grey but I think it works well with those simple
wall details.

The main gate: Oh man, this turned out massive! It is truly intimidating
and makes the official set that inspired the red gate look silly.
The gate works and the lower floor has some small rooms
with toll booths etc.

The main keep: This is it, the main keep! Me and my brother built
the middle section as the first building in the town earlier this year.
Recently we expanded it with a cathedral and some living quarters.
It might be our best work ever and I am quite happy with it even if
I already have plans for an even more impressive build in the future.
I’m not sure what to add aside from check the pictures, the middle
section has a throne room with secret stairs up to the king’s
bedroom and secret drinking balcony, and some cozy storage.

The living quarters has a war or counsel room downstairs,
two nice bedrooms on the middle floor and a small library at the top.
Just love the yellow wooden parts, once again inspired by the
official Black Falcon set.

The Cathedral is a massive build just by itself and would be easy to finish of
as a stand alone building. It was very hard to get good photos of the
inside and capture the goddess statue, the stained glass, holy treasure chest,
walkable rafters, another design of chandelier, bench rows, bell tower etc.
I hope you get some idea of it all, we put a lot of work into it all and a lot
of pieces. Some walls had to be three and even four times as thick to fit
the stained glass and decorations. Phew!

That’s all the town has to offer for now but check back later and
I will add more!

Set 6048 Remake 2021: This was completely done by my brother
but I don’t think he minds me showing it, hehe. I gave him free access
to the few modern pieces and colors I have and he made his own
interpretation of one of his favorite sets, 6048 Majisto’s Magical Workshop
A great set now even better, I need to find a spot to display it properly.

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