A True Xeno Treasure

It is long overdue to reveal this one or even add a post at all.

Anyone who have followed me on Instagram knows that the PS1 collection is
coming along nicely and that I’m playing as much as ever but I have not
spoiled this item.

Actually I have had it about a year already and have still not taken any
good pictures or told anyone about it.

Behold these massive stacks of… papers!

You won’t get any more detailed pictures than this today but as you might
make out these are the final scripts used when recording the
English voices of Xenosaga Episode I

There are two different sets, one belonged to Lia Sargent
(Shion’s voice actor) and the MASTER script belonging to the
voice director himself.

I won’t name any names but all of these were stored at the
voice directors house, sadly he passed away a few years ago but
a lucky thing in this sad tale is that a relative saw the value
in these items and sold them instead of throwing away.

Not only does this include the final scripts with every single line
in the game, it also includes a lot of personal notes, including salaries
and working hours for the actors, some alternate candidates who didn’t get
the roles, emails to and from namco clearing up things in the script etc.

It can only be described as a true Xeno treasure! I will check everything
again sometime and give you some more detailed pictures of none-sensitive
pages but I have not found anything TRULY mindboggling in there, the biggest
surprise to me was that realians still wasn’t called realians in the
final script, it is manually changed in last minute!

I am very very grateful to the one who saved these, it was unfortunate
timing with my move last year and I spent a large part of my budget
to get these but in the end I managed to sell of enough items before
the move to compensate, all well in the end!

The seller actually had a third set, clean without any notes,
I didn’t see a reason to hog that one and it later went to another collector
out there. I suspect that there might exist a few more either at namco
or in the hands of one of the other voice actors but the voice directors set
is of course the most interesting followed by Lia Sargents filled with
notes about pronunciation, mood of the scene etc.


Lastly, it seems that I have reached my limit when it comes to this free blog,
I can’t add a single more picture! I should have compressed all those
moving pictures… Either way, I will have to make an upgrade before you get
to see any more pictures and it seems to cost 48Euro (per year), hmm.