The move part 3 and 4

—PART 3—

I’m alive! Barely.

Me and the collection are safely in place in the temporary apartment,
I would say it all went well but it has been some really intense weeks
since I last wrote. Firstly the move, I had an entire week to get it done
and I needed every hour of that week, a lot of 15 hour work days of me
walking back and forward, moving the collection slowly and safely over
the block/neighbourhood. Most people would probably find the method
ridiculous but I absolutely wanted to do it myself.
My brother helped me move the game shelves one or two at a time almost
as carefully on a transport wagon and the “normal” shelves and “normal”
moving boxes got transported by car.
Either way, I would call it my second worst week in life when it comes
to physical labor. At least I ate and drank correctly, something I did
not do that worst of weeks…

Nothing special about this apartment, I would never like to live on the bottom
floor but it really helped not having to use elevator, only a short staircase.
Also, missing a wall and having lots of windows would be a nightmare for the

This is how it looks at the moment, what a nice collection,
of not so rare boxes:

Not sure what else to say, all in all, no major problems, just a lot of work.
About 180 boxes in total, over 300m2 bubble wrap to protect everything,
that’s enough to cover the entire apartment in at least 5 layers, haha!

—PART 4—

As for part 4, I barely used a week to rest before starting my next project,
grind/sand, clean and paint the shelves!
Apparently I didn’t learn anything from that moving week and tried to work
myself to death with another 15 hour day…
After that I really tried to slow down but once I start something I just
can’t help it and a lot of 10 hour work days followed.
There was more work than expected and in the end I got close to 100 hours
before everything was done, PHEW.

My work space for 10 days, like I said a really large balcony,
bigger than my ordinary so I’m glad I did this now and not earlier.

As you can see, some parts really needed a repaint.
This is also one of the shelves that got cut shorter recently,
some of the bigger ones are terrible to move around yourself,
next to impossible without damaging the shelves or yourself.

I haven’t taken any good before and after pictures yet and mostly
the difference won’t even show on overview pictures but for me and
visitors it will probably be worth all this effort…
I was a bit worried about the paint at first but once it dried you
can barely tell it apart from the original color.

That’s that, the worst part is over but I do have a few more
smaller things I want to get done, planned and bought before
the return move.

Sorry that this turned into another building blog but such
is the fate of all collectors sooner or later it seems, haha!

The Move Part 2

The upcoming Monday will be the start of the actual MOVING part
of the… move so I wanted to give an update before that!

Most of my home is in boxes by now, the computer is obviously still
up and with sound and PS4 as well, also cleaning/building tools and half
the kitchen are left, things you need all the way until the end!

Since last time most of my time has actually gone into rebuilding some of the
shelves and selling duplicates and unwanted items.

A poor Xeno shelf turned into a tool shelf! Four of them needed to get shorter
in height and two… less wide, it took some work but I’m glad it’s done now.
Having to shrink the shelves is probably the worst part about the
move for me, hopefully I will be able to display most of the items as
before and hopefully it won’t look too bad.

While I had the chance I also made sure to do something I should have done a
long time ago, reinforce the larger/deeper shelves, they were never meant
to hold much weight but they almost bend under their own weight so I’m
happy to get this done at least.

There is one final and massive thing left, repaint ALL the shelves…
I really don’t look forward to that but as you might see in the picture it
is quite needed. It will be done during my time in the temporary apartment,
it does have a large and glassed-in balcony where I can paint.
I’m not too good with brushes so it will be a real challenge to reach
the corners on all these without messing up the back part.

Next up the sales, they have taken a lot of my time but it has been worth it,
thanks to all of you who have bought from me lately, the entire move should
be covered financially!!
That includes boxes, bubble wrap, tools, new upcoming shelves, paint etc.
There is just a lot of expenses so many, many thanks to you all!

Actually I even felt I could afford another really boring thing, protector boxes
for SFC games and a few other protectors I was running low or out of.
SFC was the highest priority since I have been getting so many of the
“strategy games” this year including a large lot a few weeks ago:

Just what I needed in the middle of the move, more things to clean and
repackage, haha. Oh well, they look nice now and will look even better
with protection and later in the shelves.

Wish me luck, next post will be from the temporary apartment!