LEGO relapse

I don’t know if anyone actually read it but one of my first posts was about
LEGO and with a few years between I usually get the urge to take out the
old pieces, build something and then move on.

This time however the relapse was worse than that and I even bought a few
larger lots which of course needed cleaning and once again I found myself
spending hours and hours cleaning stuff, my lot in life it seems…

One of the mixed lots I bought.

The same lot roughly sorted.

After cleaning and sorting all of this “new” LEGO and seeing how nice and
clean it all became I finally decided to go trough all of my own
childhood pieces as well… Some of it have never been cleaned and I
have been wanting a better storage system since… well since always,
and that led me to the next project, I didn’t expect to squeeze
another one into this year:

Step one, the cheapest TV-bench Ikea have.

Step two, put the shelves at customized height.

Step three, build four of them!

Step four, put wheels on one of them
(the more expensive ones in rubber, not plastic)

Step five, glue them all together with a glue gun or
some other really strong glue.

Step six, …repeat the above steps and put some test boxes in!

Step seven, keep on cleaning…

Step eight, question your mental sanity.
Then buy out every good storage box in your city…
and the neighbour city…

Step nine, finally sort everything into the boxes and
place them in the shelves!

In the end you have a mobile LEGO storage system with 100 sorted boxes.
Sadly not even this craziness was enough to store it all, I still had
to hide the odd parts that you don’t use often, base plates, wheels
and some other larger pieces in a wardrobe but at least everything
is clean, I have replaced all the old storage boxes and everything is
easy to access. I have built a few sets from the parts I found in the
mixed lots but even after all this work (not to mention money)
I still have no end goal to actually build something at the moment.

Oh well, now you know what I have been up to, don’t worry, this will
not turn into a LEGO blog, next time I will be back with a Xeno update
and I will have quite some games to play and write about now!