Finally some Xeno!

Phew, it took some time but the Xeno section is finally updated
with pictures of EVERY Xeno item that I normally have on display
in my shelves. I will take a break from photographing for now
but I will of course continue later and show all three of my
“secret staches”, there is still A LOT of items left!

Almost all games, soundtracks and figurines are up, it’s already
about 150 items and I apologize to those with slow internet
connection, I might have to split everything into categories?
If you want to see a bigger version of the pictures just click
on them.

As I suspected this is a lot of work but seeing everything
organized like this is really worth it! I’m not that good
with a camera and I don’t have a fancy one but I think the quality
is okay, since some of this items doesn’t even have a picture
on the internet you can’t be too picky, hehe.

I will keep adding information about all the items and
if you wonder about something specific, just ask!

Perler beads time!

Yes, another “creative” post, after a long day of
cleaning I needed something simple to relax with.

Just some small ones this time, 10 points if you know
all the characters, hehe:


If nothing sudden happens I should have time to continue the
Xeno photographing tomorrow!

The beaten games list is updated too, I think it will be easiest to update
it once a month or so, hopefully no games will be forgotten again.

Lastly I added some links to other sites, mostly other blogs that I like
and most of them in swedish (sorry).

Lego time!

Sorry to those who want to see XENO, this is a project I have planned to take
care of for a long time, at least the Xeno section is updated with most
games and soundtracks!

Here it is, my 10 feet long Lego city! I think I built it around 4 years ago
and added LED-lights about one year later, sadly not all of them worked and
some where just too dull… so it was time to change all of them!

Almost the entire city

A close-up of the city

Step one was of course to take everything down and dust the shelf.


In total the city is split into 11 pieces including “backgrounds”, step two was to
rip out all the old elctronics and dust all the 11 pieces.

The old elctronics

Dusted and ready for new lights

I always wanted to have more mountains in the background so before adding
the new lights I borrowed my brother’s mountain parts and build a
larger mountain to the east and also a new one behind the harbor in
the west. I think it really adds to the whole.

Next up was the main work, soldering all those new LEDs, I think
I used about 50 of them in the end, sadly I didn’t buy enough cable
so I had to reuse some old onesby the end of the project, oh well,
no one is going to see them anyway.

The only picture I took from the “work station”

One part at a time, here is the lighthouse:


It’s easy to forget time when in the middle of a project, by the
time all LEDs was in place the sun had already rised, luckily I
still had the energy to finish up. Putting the city parts back up
and connecting all of them went quite well.

Sadly my camera can’t take pictures in the dark but I hope you get
a feeling of how it looks at least, enjoy:

West side, sadly you don’t see the new mountain to good

Core of the city

Ah, the new mountain, someone already climbed it

Close-up mountain

More close-ups, the train was one of the first ideas to add

The oil platforms, probably my favorite detail!

Night time, (sorry about quality)

Night time, (sorry about quality)

Night time, crazy shadows, (sorry about quality)

Environmental Station Alpha

I haven’t gotten ANYTHING done lately all because of the game in the title.

If you are a Metroid fan and feel that those games lack a bit of challange then
Environmental Station Alpha is for you!

I don’t want to spoil to much about the game but expect to find
everything that Metroid have, secret items, seqence breaking, moves
that take time to master etc.

The game is made by a very small team from Finland, uses
Multi media fusion 2 and the quite rare 8×8 pixel tiles. With a small team
it might be a large time saver to use tiles like that and even if the graphics
sometimes are a bit vague it works really well.

The music is not a masterpiece but it fits very well and sets the mood
perfectly in all but one area, that is almost
my biggest complaint in the whole game…

In total I have spent 40 hours with the game, around 9 to finish it and
another 9 to find every secret, there is a LOT! the rest of the time spent
are me watching first my sister play it and then my brother. I really love
watching others play these kinds of game for the first time and see what
they will do diffrently.

This might even surpass Cave Story in the end, don’t miss it!
(the creator’s blog)

Lastly, I added some new and more recent pictures of the SFC collection,
I hope to make a bigger update to the site soon!