What happens when a friend visits Japan, again

Some of you might remember an old post like this, this time is not half
as crazy (phew) but I’m still very happy with this lot of games.
Since importing, especially cheap games is impossible at the moment
I asked my friend to get as many as possible from my wanted list,
I’m surprised myself I was missing some of these:

All THREE Full Metal Alchemist games, silly that we only got 2/3.

I really like the cover/art for the Juuni Kokuki game!
(Metal Saga and Okage are not too bad either)

Like I said, a mystery that I was missing all of the games
in the top row. The only non-PS2 game this time is the
Suikoden 1+2 port for PSP, a must in the collection!

That’s all for this time, I’m still missing a lot of
titles, (maybe 1/3?) but I’m very happy so far and I
will post my wanted list later!