Is the PSP collection next?

I haven’t made an active decision to collect PSP games but I sure have bought
a lot of them lately… A friend was selling Wild Arms XF, a game I always
wanted to get and is now playing (great so far).
He also had Phantasy Star Portable and Blade Dancer.

Then someone mentioned that Phantasy Star Portable 2 was a bit rare and I
happened to see it at a good price.

I also mentioned to my friend what my most wanted games on PSP was…
he had them too and I am very grateful and happy to finally own these:

As soon as I beat Wild Arms XF I will start on these next! Even if they don’t have
the same quality as the later Legend of Heroes games they should still be good
and always nice to see the full history of a series.

After that I just added a few more of the cheaper titles, two twos:

I was surprised to see these in US editions being sold over here, also cheap.

And finally Jikandia, a game that you can still find sealed and it probably sold
poorly as a late title and a bad “clone” of Half minute Hero.

That’s all of them for now! Time will tell if I will add any more PSP games,
try to complete the collection or just add a few more that I want to play.
I’m currently missing about 50 titles in total, not an impossible goal
since I already have most of the expensive ones but there are so many
other things I should be spending my money on and I usually only
beat 2-3 handheld games per year so it feels a bit silly to buy even
this many… we’ll see!

If you want to see the list of missing titles it’s in the
buying/selling/trading section.