More PS2 goodies

The start of 2017 is off the charts, I thought that 2016 had a crazy start but
this might even surpass that when it comes to added items in the collection.

Just a quick update, mostly games from the “maybe list”,
some call them RPGs at least:

Glad to finally own an english copy of La Pucelle Tactics again and I always wanted to test Puzzle Quest.

And also, finally this bastard, not that rare but I have had some real trouble getting it:

Very few games left, next time I mention the PS2 games should be the last before that collection is complete!

As a bonus this arrived today:

I have only had the time to skip to the favorite song but it just sounds
magnificent! I did not know about the bonus disc when I preordered but
it includes “8 bit” versions of some of the tracks, Drakengard and Nier
also got a disc like this in the Drag-on Nier box.