Beaten games number 4 and 5

Just a short summary today.

First up we have Wild Arms 4 which I actually beat a while ago. It was quite
a pleasant experience all in all, the best part is probably the combination
of RPG and platforming even if it never gets very advanced it is still a fun
way to mix up the gameplay. The rumored HEX-battle system also works really
well even if one of the characters is totally broken and absolutely DESTROYS
any enemies within one turn, I even ended up defeating the final boss
with ONE counterattack.

The only real problem I had with the game was a rather silly part of the
story where they keept talking about adults like a different species or
something. Oh well, the ending is worth mentioning as well since it’s
not at all like the usual RPG ending but I won’t spoil why of course.

Next up is Mega Man X Command Mission, I already mentioned it earlier but
now that journey is over as well. Not to much to say besides what I already
said, great battle system here too, I did have some trouble with some of the
bosses since strategy and planning before the battles is important.
Just having the right elemental armor equipped is the difference between
an easy and impossible fight. I was a bit disappointed how easy the final
battle was after all the trouble earlier. As a whole a good and overlooked
game but there is 50+ better games to play on the console!

Lastly, you can finally take a look at all of my limited and collector’s
editions in the 100 boxes section! I will keep adding information about
all of them but feel free to take a peek.

A first PS2 boost

I know, posts two days in a row! I still lack my energy though, I planned on doing THINGS yesterday but I ended up sleeping for 11 hours instead…

At least this a good start for the PS2 collection:

Both Full Metal Alchemist games arrived today and I must say that I am glad to finally have them, I don’t know if they are good games but I will try to play them in the near future! Currently I’m giving Mega Man X Command Misson a chance, a game that I have heard very little about. So far it is decent enough, as expected not the best of stories and far to many random encounters even if it is quite a sight to see that in a Mega Man game. At least the battles work really good, just like in FFX you get to see the order in which the enemies will act and best of all you get to switch party members freely.

There probably won’t be to many new PS2 games for a while but I do have
3 of the more expensive ones on the way already…!

Lack of energy and PS2 collecting

As the title say, I have been low on energy the last couple of days and
haven’t done too much. I finally rewatched the best of best animes:
Legend of the Galactic Heroes!
It is still the best and sadly the reason why I almost never watch
anime anymore… Some happy news regarding that anime: it seems like it will
finally get an offical english release after all these years!
I still can’t believe it but Sentai Filmworks have apparently
bought the license for the show and plan on translating it! Amazing.

A friend who also likes to fiddle around with old consoles paid me a visit
and helped a bit with my mountain, we “only” had time for three Megadrives
but we did get two of them to work and sparkle like new, the third one
probably needs some new components but 2/3 is not bad.
The only picture I have for today is this one:


Some controllers drying after a well needed cleaning, today the SNES
controllers work perfectly, the NES ones both need new rubber
for the D-pad, oh well.

Lastly, I now officaly collect PS2 RPG:s! I have decided to finally start
filling out the gaps in my PS2 collection, it will take a while but it is
not at all impossible (I hope). The focus is every RPG that got an english
release, about 130 titles that is. I have added a list of the missing ones
in the Buy/trade/sell section so feel free to take a look!

Another mountain

I was worried that too many of my posts would be about Xeno…

Oh well, here is another mountain of defect consoles, controllers etc!


This will take a lot of time to fix but I have at least sorted everything and
started the testing, it’s mostly PS1 consoles (12 of them!) but also a lot
of Megadrive/ Genesis controllers and power supplies which I really need!
This loot was actually a form of payment from helping a friend last summer,
quite generous even if it is a lot of work.


Two newly cleaned PSones and one PStwo, later today comes the fun part,
putting everything togheter again and see how it works!

Box 101: Drag-on Nier?

It might be a bit boring post but this is something that I have been
wanting to buy since it was first announced in 2013:
The Drag-on Dragoon 10th anniversary box!

This might even be my new favourite, so beautiful, and best of all
is the front art that includes the main characters and their dragons
from all four games, yes even Nier and his dra- book!

The box is massive and only has one small logo in the corner, ahh.

A close-up of course.

I really like this design of the box, just lift up the top and everything is
hold in place by these trays. no risk of damageing anything when you open it.

First we have the normal game and some codes to get Nier costumes and some good remixes of Nier music.

Then we have a case with one CD and one DVD, the CD contains some intresting chips music (haha) from all four games, some Nier tracks I hadn’t heard before! The DVD remains a mystery for now.

To the left is a postcard book with art from all the games, to the right a novel that talks about the events before Drakengard 3.

The postcards have ridiculously high quality.

This is probably the highligth of the box’s inside, a book with 300+ pages filled with art, information about all four games, interviews etc.
There is even a mysterious page that says Drag-on Dragoon 4 and has has the PS4 logo… it might be a joke or a very obscure way of revealing a game?

One of my favourites, Caim making the pact from the first game.

These two are “just” the script from Drakengard 1 and 2, a really cool material even if it dosn’t show in the picture.

Lastly an overview of this crazy box, in total 5 different books, wow!