The usual

The collecting has been a bit slow lately but I still managed
to put together a picture of the latest items:


Some nice stuff, FINALLY a US Xenogears guide in better condition than my
old water damaged copy. Mario was a gift from my sister, the NES games
are 100% for nostalgia, hehe. The PS2 games to the collection of course,
I didn’t plan on getting the Rosenqueen edition of Mana Khemia 2 since I
already have both the “normal” limited US edition and the japanese box
but I got it a nice price and it is really rare to find here in Sweden.
Oh, and I also got a new item to the Xeno collection, the 2 disc version
of the US anime! Not bad after all.

And as usual:



I finally thought it was time to fix up all my defect PS2 consoles,
I was surprised to find a few more PS1 hiding among them but took
care of those as well, after three days of chaos and cleaning some
of the dustiest machines I have seen 4 out of 4 PS1 is working and
4 out of 7 PS2. As a bonus three PS1 are chipped and play
all regions, wo! After all this I finally mastered how to put
together the somewhat tricky fat PS2 consoles, a real pain if it is
your first time opening one up, I still can’t believe I had the guts
to do it back when I got my first one to put a chip in.