What year is this (new SFC games)

That’s right, somehow my good old table is full of SFC games once more,
what a nostalgic sight and post this is!

I will never be truly done with SFC after all but it was still a bit sudden,
the plan was to get a Xeno poster but that plan failed and I got these instead
as consolation. Little Master might be called an actual RPG but most of the
others are pure strategy or with more or less RPG elements. Harvest Moon is
just Harvest Moon and fits into any SFC collection, hehe.

Best of all must be the Legend of Galactic Heroes game, I have wanted to add
that ever since I first saw the anime.

Be sure to bask in their glory, I don’t expect to get any more SFC games in any
near future but I still have quite a few on my extended wanted list.

Next up should be a Nier Replicant post!