A new SFC game added

This is just a short post and not really the item I mentioned earlier but I was just so happy to finally add something new to the SFC collection!

The game of the day is Esparks, one of the last missing titles, quite rare and not to famous but far from impossible to find, I was just waiting for
“the right copy”.

I am glad to finally have it and in a really nice condition:


I beat the game last year and a good description would be a mix of Zelda and Secret of Mana, not as good as those two but a decent game with some of the worst backtracking I have seen, phew.

Just some printscreens I took:



A demolished town

It has been a while since the last post, there hasn’t been much to report
regarding the collection lately since most of my money is spent
on a new computer… a boring but necessary investment.
Hopefully I will have something interesting to show in the
coming weeks atleast and of course the upcoming
Star Ocean 5 Collectors Edition is pre-ordered!

Another reason for the lack of posts is the trip I made two weeks ago,
I made the trip to meet up with some old “internet friends”, quite strange
to finally meet them after almost 9 years!
I don’t really like long trips or meeting a lot of “new” people at once
but I am still glad that I made the trip and it turned out to be a
successful one in the end! A few interesting conversations, some odd
games we tried out and I finally beat Dragon Quest IX thanks to
all that traveling time! Wo!

As the title says I finally grew tired of my old LEGO city and
DEMOLISHED it, usually I grow tired of my own creations quite fast but
this one has been with me for quite some years.

After sorting out all the pieces the shelf was ready to house the items
that I originally had in mind when I built it:

The console boxes! I don’t really collect them but they have become
quite a few over the years and I don’t want to fill up the game room.

I’m not 100% satisfied with the setup but for now it is something
like a Nintendo VS Sony corner.

The GAMING room

I realized that the blog is already a year old and I still haven’t put up a single picture of the actual gaming room.
Yes, it is not the same as the game room! I sadly play very few games in the game room at the moment…

Anyway, enjoy some pictures of the place where I actually play:

Welcome in!

The room is quite small and this is the best overview I could get, so that is where the 10 foot Lego city was hiding!

The left wall is where I store most of my disc based games, a few knickknacks, controllers etc.

In the corner behind the couch is where I store my “often used” cartridge games as well as the “for sale” cabinet and some console boxes.

There is also three of these wardrobes, this one holds all my extra consoles, controllers and accessories.

There is a bit of a mess since I haven’t really cleaned up the cables since I added the WiiU and PS4, there is a PS2 in the dark right corner and a xbox360 to the left of the WiiU.

Lastly, this is how the shelves look in a close up, it’s those cheap Ikea shelves,
I removed the middle part, added wheels and a board to the back
of the shelves.

I made this entire setup a few years ago but sadly
it didn’t really work as planned, I originally planned to have three of those
computer setups (my brother and sister usually visited and worked at the
computers back then) and put wheels on everything so it would be easy to
move around but these days I really only use one computer and
moving around the console shelves is impossible anyway since all
the cables are interconnected…
For now the room works but I really would like to make a new setup that
could hold ALL consoles and maybe give the computer a more dedicated place.
The extra chairs really need to go either way.

Thanks for looking!