Beaten games number 2 and 3 -Dragon Quests

Let’s do it like this, number one was Environmental Station Alpha.

I finally beat Dragon Quest VI, the DS verison. It has been a long journey that
started in christmas 2013 when I got the game. This is the third one that I
have played, the other two are Dragon Quest 4 on DS and Dragon Quest 8.
I have never been a big fan of the series but I think that I like it more
and more after every beaten game!

It has been the same with all three games, in the beginning they are quite
boring with the same old story and characters but as soon as the worlds start
to open up it gets really fun to explore and find the perfect spot to hunt
metal slimes, hehe. In total it took about 55 hours to beat but I did explore
almost everything and was lost for quite some time, in the end a solid game
and I might even play the far more beautiful SNES version one day.

Somehow I needed more Dragon Quest and couldn’t help but to try the
SNES version (emulated) of the very first game… I ended up beating it
in one sitting! I was surprised by how small the game was and the fact that
you only play as one character, VERY unique in turn-based RPG’s and
something that I really like. To me the game actually felt more like Zelda 2
or something than a Dragon Quest and I did enjoy it.

Next time I will return to world of Dragon Quest it will either be the
SNES version of Dragon Quest 2 or maybe 9 on the DS, hmm.

For now I will focus on Wild Arms 4!

The 100th box!

I just wanted to share my latest addition to the collection but after checking
my list it seems like this is my hundredth limited/collectors box!
That sounds crazy but I’m sure the number is correct, one of many “side goals”
with the collection is that 10% should be special editions so I suppose that
goal is now fullfilled, woho!

We all know that I have enough projects already but I think that I wil add a
list (with pictures) of all the boxes. In the meantime enjoy the 100th box,
the japanese Growlancer collection, a good example of how
a collector box should be made:

So shiny!

The outer box is really sturdy and the contents just slide out, no bending etc.

Here is the inner box which…

…folds out and reveals the four discs to the right and all the manuals in an “envelope” to the left.

Close up of the discs.

Close up of the manuals.

This and that

A lot has been going on since the last post!

I haven’t spent too much time on that pile of consoles yet but at least the
NES (dis)advantage is cleaned and working pretty good, I always wanted one
of those even if I will use it very little. I was able to combine the three
“fat” PS1 into two fully working machines, I was happy to see that one of
them was the very first model with all the extra outputs in the back, I will
definitely keep that one! I would already say that this was a good loot and
I will keep you updated when I get around to the controllers etc.

The second time devourer (Chrono reference) was my brother who came home
from his first trip to Japan (I am jelly), he and his friends didn’t spend
much time in shops but atleast they had a great time testing all the
food and beer, climbing mountains and seeing the sights etc. A real adventure!

Since the news of the FF7 remake had reached him too we just had to play the
original, dual screens, dual consoles (one of the newly fixed ones as a test),
one couch, ahhh. We are closing in on the end of the game but his
vacation is sadly over.

Just when I thought I would have some time my sister suddenly decided to
move and helping her with that took up a lot of energy, in the end it
might have been good for me, since she has to store some items here it
was a good reason for me to finally throw away some old things and rearrange
all my storages, in the end me and my mother made four trips to the
recycling station, all with her car filled up with things I did’t need…
it feels really good to never see those items again! The best part is that
I finally could rearrange some things better and as a bonus display my
sister’s entire collection (mostly Assassin’s Creed boxes)!

In the very few moments that I could play anything it has been
Dragon Quest 6, by now I have a floating island, flying bed, flying carpet,
ship, magic underwater bubble and a flying unicorn… it has to end soon!

Hopefully I will be able to keep updating the Xeno section soon, I also added
a buy/sell/trade section, I will keep adding items in there too!