Nier 2021

I did promise a Nier post and here it is!
Actually I don’t have that much to add that hasn’t already
been said by others or even myself before but of course
a new Nier means a few new items as well:


The most important one being the Snow White edition of course!
This fast became one of my favorites boxes, I’m still not a fan
of those paper sleeves around boxes but in this case I keep it on as it looks
amazing with that art and no logos at all! Great!

The inside is great as well, I didn’t take any more detailed
pictures but they are easy to find elsewhere. I haven’t even
taken the time to listen to that exclusive soundtrack yet,
the very reason why I had to have this box, haha.
Including the full script of the game was also cool and the
three Grimoire pins looks just amazing, even if they are too
heavy to actually use as pins on a shirt.


I said it before and I do it again, collecting Nier soundtracks
could be an entire hobby or collection on it’s own, they just
keep releasing more of them! This time the full and redone
soundtrack of the Nier Replicant remaster and also the one
from Nier Reincarnation, I have yet to listen to it but am
excited to do that. Yonah’s diary in physical form was a really
cool bonus item!

Not the best picture but I am pretty happy with this newly added
Yoko Taro shelf, hehe. I had to find a spot for the Snow White box
and this turned out to be the best solution even if a few other items
had to go into hiding. I should probably add Drakengard 1 to the shelf
but fitting all of the soundtracks would be harder, especially since
there will be yet another set of vinyls later this year!

As for the game itself, it doesn’t make the PS3 version completely
obsolete, I will still want to play as the older “Nier” again and
some of the songs in the new soundtrack doesn’t capture the same
feeling as the original even if both of them are fantastic of course.
Aside from that the remake is a big upgrade in graphic, smoother combat,
the old DLC is included, more story and even locations that only
got mentioned in side material before. I love it and if you have
to choose one to play, it would be easy to pick the remaster!