The move part 5 (and some actual games)

This will most likely be my last post in a while, the last one in this temporary
apartment at least!

Time really went by fast and next week will be the big one,
I’m quite nervous/anxious about it all, hopefully it goes well but I have had
quite some recurring dreams lately, haha! For some reason I only have half the
time to make the return move, about 50 effective hours instead of the 100+
it took last time… I have however spent the weekend storing a few (lots of)
things at my mothers place who Luckily lives very close, I really don’t like my
items to be spread out across three different apartments but it can’t be helped.

Oh well, most preparations should be complete by now,
including another trip to the garage and more sawing:

Another day spent painting on the balcony, this time much colder:

And finally a kitchen turned into a… paint-drying-contraption,
can’t wait to put them all into place soon:

Ready to roll, 12 moving boxes under there:

Lastly I wanted to show some actual games!
The yearly “Retrogathering” gave some nice additions:

(The magazine has a Xenogears article/miniguide)

Sure, half the items were pre-made deals with friends and a few cheap
duplicates but I was still surprised to find Castlevania at a reasonable
price and a Jade Cocoon for the collection! Overall I am surprised how much
the collection has managed to grow during the last weeks despite all the
moving costs, I keep promising Xeno items but there is still a few posts
left of chaos ahead, hehe.