The Move part 6 (and a “mini christmas”)

Hello everyone!

I thought that I would give a quick update if anyone is wondering how
things are going over here.

The move itself is finally over (hurray), the last few things finally got
moved back here from my mother’s place this weekend. Overall it went
better than expected. Thanks to some more effective moving methods and my
brother helping out most working days got cut by 5 hours from what I feared.

It was still a pain of course but nothing at all like the last move out luckily.

This will only be the short version, I have however taken a lot of
“behind the scenes” pictures this time, so many I don’t know what to show,
in fact I will probably make an entire section where you can just
view them all later! lots of close-up pictures in strange angles of cords,
corners, half-built shelves etc. all the good stuff, haha.

Anyway, the apartment itself looks quite nice and it is finally starting to look
like a home again, I thought I would go crazy in the beginning when there was
stuff everywhere and you had to move 40 items just to get one in place,
constantly. PHEW.

Thankfully all the worst parts are over and yesterday I even started to put up
some of the games! Big progress!

Before putting up the games I had to take care of this pile however:

All the unopened packages from the last couple of weeks, haha.

I can’t wait to play Trails of Cold Steel III,
that’s my reward once everything is in order…

SFC! I was surprised to see those strategy games sold here in Sweden so I just
had to get them, quite rare both of them. I also can’t believe I didn’t have
a japanese Vagrant Story until now!

XENO! …almost only duplicates but some fantastic ones that should find a
new home soon. That bubble wrap KOS-MOS is however new to the collection,
it’s a re-release of the “extra coating” edition of a version 4 model kit.

Lastly a bunch of double and quadruple CD-cases to make my
“games-I-replay-often-or-plan-to-replay-someday” shelf
more effective, haha

But don’t worry you will get pictures of that
and everything else soon.