Soundtracks x4

Yep, more soundtracks, the Nier Automata vinyl box was not enough!

The Arranged Nier soundtrack arrived a while ago before the others
and it does have a few amazing tracks, it does also have 2 discs but
the second one is just all the different versions of “Birth of a Wish”.
Since I have (almost) all of the Nier soundtracks now I thought it
was time to get Drakengard 3 as well, it is very similar in style
and does have a connection after all, finally I’m able to blast
“Final Song” in perfect quality, ahh.

I can’t believe it took me over 7 years to get the Xenoblade OST!

And lastly we have something that really surprised me,
a soundtrack with both the Lufia and Lufia II’s music,
released last year!!

How beautiful! I opened and listened to all of these but I should probably have
kept Lufia sealed, oh well, then I wouldn’t have seen the discs line up like this.

I should probably do a post with all my soundtracks soon, I don’t really collect
them but by now they are quite a few.