Elly, Weltall, Concert blu-ray

The title gave it away but this is just a short update to let you know that
I finally got all the latest Xenogears items!

I can’t wait to watch this Blu-ray, like said before, I have seen the concert
but this time will be in much higher quality. I’m also happy that I got the
extra postcard, my order was unclear if it was included or not, only the
first copies should have that one.

Elly arrived a while ago around her release but I didn’t post a picture then.

Last but surely not least, Weltall! It is finally here after all the delays and it
looks fantastic! I don’t have any exciting pictures of the figures but I do plan
a new dedicated Xenogears shelf later, you will just have to wait.
Let us also wait and hope for more GEARS being made into figures like this!