The PS1 collection is complete!

Every RPG fans dream, a full set of every RPG released in English for PS1
is finally mine!

Well, the dream of SFC and PS2 was stronger for me but this is still
very amazing, I know I’m far from the first to complete this set but
I am very happy to have done it at last.

It has been almost three years of active collecting I believe and about
18 passive, hehe. The very first PS1 game I bought and the reason I got
the console at all was the greatest hits version of Chrono Cross, I still
have that but of course, no greatest hits or platinum allowed in
the collection!

The last game to enter the collection was… Saga Frontier 2, I used to
own it years ago but didn’t realize I had sold it until I was in the middle
of taking these photos, haha! Luckily a friend could get me a copy fast
and we can finally bask in the glory of them all.

As with the PS2 collection it is a mix of PAL and NTSC for the same reasons,
some only saw a release in PAL, some are cheaper for me to get that way,
some look better and some hold sentimental value so it’s going to be mixed
either way. I might switch some more to NTSC if I see a good deal but
for now I am very happy with the collection.

You can always spend time upgrading the condition of some titles but overall
they are all in very good shape, a few need new plastic cases
(less than 10 of them), Alundra is missing the manual (but not map) and
Tales of Destiny sadly needs new inlays.

I don’t want to mention what this collection costed in the end,
a terrible time to buy and import these at the moment, getting them all
on release would have costed me less… Oh well, I regret nothing!

As you might see I included a few questionable games like Harvest Moon and
a few that might be more Action than RPG games but feel free to tell me if
you think I should add something more, there are no complete or
absolute RPG lists or collections out there, there will always be a debate
what even defines the genre after all.

Lastly, thanks as usual to everyone who have helped me build the collection
by selling, trading or buying from me!

Out of these 90 games I still have 35 left to beat, the collecting might have
ended but I still have some quality time left with the PS1, hehe.


(A few are not in this shelf)