Xenosaga flyers and more Xenogears?

I already added these to the collection page but thought I would
do a short post as well just to add something Xeno related, hehe.

First up this very tiny Promo stand for the Episode II Complete Guide,
thanks to shipping, import charges etc. I probably paid a silly price
for such a small item but oh well, I was just happy to get something new!

Next we have a set of Japanese promo flyers for Episode II, III, Freaks and the
DS game! I did have the Episode III one already and maybe freaks too but the
DS one is very nice to get! I don’t think there was one for Episode I so
the set should be complete. All of them in the same size as the normal
inserts but with text and pictures on the inside.
(I have duplicates to sell for all but the DS one)

This might look like old news but actually this is a reprint from 2020!
I was quite surprised to see it and the same price chaos as with Perfect Works
has ensued, original prints selling cheap and new prints selling high when
people don’t know the difference…

And speaking of new Xenogears items it seem like we will get some more
all the way into 2021! SquareEnix has put up a set of 4 model kit Gears for
preorder! I would rather have another built and painted figure myself but
this is still very cool!