Environmental Station Alpha

I haven’t gotten ANYTHING done lately all because of the game in the title.

If you are a Metroid fan and feel that those games lack a bit of challange then
Environmental Station Alpha is for you!

I don’t want to spoil to much about the game but expect to find
everything that Metroid have, secret items, seqence breaking, moves
that take time to master etc.

The game is made by a very small team from Finland, uses
Multi media fusion 2 and the quite rare 8×8 pixel tiles. With a small team
it might be a large time saver to use tiles like that and even if the graphics
sometimes are a bit vague it works really well.

The music is not a masterpiece but it fits very well and sets the mood
perfectly in all but one area, that is almost
my biggest complaint in the whole game…

In total I have spent 40 hours with the game, around 9 to finish it and
another 9 to find every secret, there is a LOT! the rest of the time spent
are me watching first my sister play it and then my brother. I really love
watching others play these kinds of game for the first time and see what
they will do diffrently.

This might even surpass Cave Story in the end, don’t miss it!

(the creator’s blog)

Lastly, I added some new and more recent pictures of the SFC collection,
I hope to make a bigger update to the site soon!

3 thoughts on “Environmental Station Alpha

    1. Jag vill verkligen rekommendera spelet till alla men jag vet att det är alldeles för svårt för många… det finns visserligen easy i nödfall. Sen jag skrev texten har jag även tagit mig igenom spelet igen på hard, min bror vägrade tro att det gick när jag berättade att det inte finns livuppgraderingar på hard, hehe.


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