Finally some Xeno!

Phew, it took some time but the Xeno section is finally updated
with pictures of EVERY Xeno item that I normally have on display
in my shelves. I will take a break from photographing for now
but I will of course continue later and show all three of my
“secret staches”, there is still A LOT of items left!

Almost all games, soundtracks and figurines are up, it’s already
about 150 items and I apologize to those with slow internet
connection, I might have to split everything into categories?
If you want to see a bigger version of the pictures just click
on them.

As I suspected this is a lot of work but seeing everything
organized like this is really worth it! I’m not that good
with a camera and I don’t have a fancy one but I think the quality
is okay, since some of this items doesn’t even have a picture
on the internet you can’t be too picky, hehe.

I will keep adding information about all the items and
if you wonder about something specific, just ask!

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