Beaten games number 4 and 5

Just a short summary today.

First up we have Wild Arms 4 which I actually beat a while ago. It was quite
a pleasant experience all in all, the best part is probably the combination
of RPG and platforming even if it never gets very advanced it is still a fun
way to mix up the gameplay. The rumored HEX-battle system also works really
well even if one of the characters is totally broken and absolutely DESTROYS
any enemies within one turn, I even ended up defeating the final boss
with ONE counterattack.

The only real problem I had with the game was a rather silly part of the
story where they keept talking about adults like a different species or
something. Oh well, the ending is worth mentioning as well since it’s
not at all like the usual RPG ending but I won’t spoil why of course.

Next up is Mega Man X Command Mission, I already mentioned it earlier but
now that journey is over as well. Not to much to say besides what I already
said, great battle system here too, I did have some trouble with some of the
bosses since strategy and planning before the battles is important.
Just having the right elemental armor equipped is the difference between
an easy and impossible fight. I was a bit disappointed how easy the final
battle was after all the trouble earlier. As a whole a good and overlooked
game but there is 50+ better games to play on the console!

Lastly, you can finally take a look at all of my limited and collector’s
editions in the 100 boxes section! I will keep adding information about
all of them but feel free to take a peek.

2 thoughts on “Beaten games number 4 and 5

  1. Glad you liked Wild Arms 4, you seem to have enjoyed it a lot more than I did. I can’t really put my finger on what I didn’t like, but it never clicked with me.
    It could have been that my expectations where higher than they should have been and that the game was too easy. But that ending… Probably my favorite of the series.

    Now that is a lot of boxes.. Yikes! =O


  2. Yeah, I did enjoy Wild Arms 4! But again, it is far from the top, probably over 50 other RPG:s I like better on the console, there is just so many! 7 .Hack games, 3 Suikoden, 3 Xeno, 3 Atelier games etc.

    Yikes Indeed, I have said that my limit is 1000 games at a time, maybe I should put a limit on how many of them that get to be boxes…


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