1% of the collection

I really wanted to write something but this will just be a short one.
There is just so much I want to do including something new with the
SFC-section and of course make the Xeno collection easier to navigate.
My fellow collector at: https://wingsofhepatica.wordpress.com/
just updated that site and I love how it turned out, really easy to
navigate the four different collections and get a good sense of
the size of each collection, feel free to take a look!

Besides that I also have a new and far to big cleaning project that I will have to get back to… A few beaten games that I want to write about etc, puh!

Anyway, the 1% refers to the games that I received today, I didn’t plan to get any of these games right now but when the price is right:

My PS4 “collection” just doubled in size, haha. I have beaten Brothers before but the other two will be a good warm up of the console before Star Ocean is released!

Umm, a good start to a SFC strategy collection?…

6 thoughts on “1% of the collection

  1. Valkyria Chronicles is a great game! I hope SEGA will port the other two games and release them on PS4 as well, would buy them in a heartbeat.
    Dragon Quest Heroes is nice, looking forward and hope we’ll get get Heroes II in the west too. Speaking of Dragon Quest I’m kind of looking forward to Dragon Quest Builders now that’s it has been confirmed to be released in the west.

    As always its so fun to see what games you get, so many titles I’ve never seen before. Keep up the work and take care! =)


  2. I look forward to finally play Valkyria and it would be nice if we got the other two as well! With a little luck I will have the time to play it before Star Ocean, Dragon Quest Heroes is already beaten at least, hehe. Dragon Quest Builders does look a bit interesting, at least 10 times more than Minecraft…

    Haha, I won all those strategy games cheap at tradera, I just can’t resist SFC games and they are the closest neighbor to RPGs after all!


  3. Att försöka komma fram till vad som hör till RPG-samlingen och inte kan hålla en vaken många nätter… Jag orkar inte ens tänka på det även om det är en rätt vital fråga när man påstår sig ha alla rollspel till en konsol, hehe. Senast i dragon Quest Heroes tänkte jag först att det här är ett beat em up/ hack and slash men sen kom såklart tanken, varför skulle det inte vara ett Action RPG!

    Men i just det här fallet vågar jag påstå att det rör sig om rena strategispel.


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