Some Xenogears items added

Yes, believe it or not something about Xeno and Xenogears no less!
Finding any of the Xenogears items is next to a miracle these days
and this is more or less a list of everything I have found
this year, and it is a lot more than I expected to find,
some of them are items that I have never seen for sale before.

First up, 5 of the 8 laminated character cards, I only had 2 before so this leaves
me with one missing…

Another card, phone card this time, not that rare but since it has Elly on it
it is quite sought after by fans, finally my turn to get it.

These are just insane. I have looked forever and everywhere to find them,
a set of three mini guides released together with the V-jump magazine.
The really are mini, about 20 pages each, no larger than a game manual.
I probably paid around 10 times more than the real guide costs…
Crossing this of the list was a real relief.

Another thing in the impossible category, a set of Xenogears stickers!
I like to say that they also cost me a fortune and in the world of stickers
they probably did but still in the range of a new game so it’s all
relative I guess. Let’s stick them everywhere!

Lastly I just want to mention this one, a really small Fei pin, (about 1,5 inches).
I have never seen the other pins in the set for sale but I have seen them in
other collections and really hope to find them all, probably the hardest part
about completing the Xenogears collection and I will pay a
good price if anyone happens to have them!?

7 thoughts on “Some Xenogears items added

  1. Yes! Always more, hehe. According to my list there is about
    13 items left before the Gears collection is complete, still a long
    time before that will happen but I can see the end at least.


  2. That’s pretty cool that someone still cares about this stuff. I really miss the art style used in that game, the colors man the colors!


    1. Haha, the colors man indeed! Thank you for the visit! Seeing this post again made me feel like I should split the collection and have a separate section for just Xenogears, I know a lot of people prefer that over Saga after all.


      1. Well, definitely there is a schism between the generations of fans, but you’ll prob end up complicating the blog by setting up separate sections. Personally I’m a huge fan of both Gears and Saga, even love the art materials of Blade and X, but theres no denying the nostalgia effect of the Gears, being from the Square golden age. Just feel that the quality of narrative is a bit lacking with the newest game….


  3. Yeah, there has always been the Gears VS Saga, I never thought we would have to divide the Xeno fans into yet another category of Blade fans, haha… Of course I have played the Blade games and enjoyed them both but they are just nowhere close to the things that I love in Gears and Saga.


    1. Yes, I really liked Xenoblade, Xeno X was a bit overwhelming I think…The focus and tightness of the previous Gears/Saga series is soooo contrasted to the diffuse style of game design used for X, I feel that a sense of coherence was lacking in that game, and not just because of the busted plot.


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