More PS2 goodies

The start of 2017 is off the charts, I thought that 2016 had a crazy start but
this might even surpass that when it comes to added items in the collection.

Just a quick update, mostly games from the “maybe list”,
some call them RPGs at least:

Glad to finally own an english copy of La Pucelle Tactics again and I always wanted to test Puzzle Quest.

And also, finally this bastard, not that rare but I have had some real trouble getting it:

Very few games left, next time I mention the PS2 games should be the last before that collection is complete!

As a bonus this arrived today:

I have only had the time to skip to the favorite song but it just sounds
magnificent! I did not know about the bonus disc when I preordered but
it includes “8 bit” versions of some of the tracks, Drakengard and Nier
also got a disc like this in the Drag-on Nier box.

3 thoughts on “More PS2 goodies

  1. Tackar, jag spelade faktiskt igenom ett av spelen i helgen så lite mer
    glädje än att bara stryka dom från listan denna gång, hehe.

    Men ja det är riktigt kul att se slutet av ett projekt, mer härligt än trist tycker jag men det är väl för att jag vet att det finns mer att ta tag i efter det här, bara ett av många delmål trotts allt!


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