A big Xenogears step forward

I planned on writing this last week but I got sidetracked by Kingdom Hearts,
I finally played trough both II: Final Mix for the first time since the
PS2 release (12 years ago!) and also Birth by Sleep for the first time,
long overdue! More about them another time, today I will be happy to add
some of the most sought after Xenogears items:

The amazing Key chain set is finally complete!!
This has probably been my biggest hole in the collection and a bit
embarrassing not to have in a collection of this size. I was never worried
not to find them all but it is not easy (or cheap) these days.
It will remain a mystery why they choose Sigurd instead of one of the other
playable characters but I don’t mind, hehe.

I dance in joy to finally have a complete set of these!
MUCH harder to find than the key chains and well, most things.
I don’t know if very few were produced, if fans are hogging them or if
people don’t think they are worth selling. Either way here they are and
again a mystery how they choose among the characters.

With these items crossed off from the list, the missing Xenogears items
are very few although rumors says that we will actually get some new ones
next year thanks to the 20th anniversary! I still don’t dare to be to
excited since we know so little about the items but it seems to be
at least two action figures of Weltall and Vierge, interesting times.

Another item I am not as excited for as I “should” be is this:

The japanese Xenosaga I KOS-MOS Standee!!

I knew this would find its way here one day even though it probably is
one of the hardest items of all to find. The things holding back my joy
for this is the size and storage of this, now that I have all three
Standees they together cover half the collection and they are a pain to
move around for cleaning etc. Secondly it did get quite damaged on the
way here, it doesn’t look to bad in the picture and I have managed to
bend back some of the damage but still upsetting.
(The tape was not part of the damage, I knew about that from the start).

Just a comparison with the US Episode II standee. About the same height
for both but EPI KOS-MOS is a lot larger, almost 1:1 scale.

4 thoughts on “A big Xenogears step forward

  1. Congrats on completing the set of Xenogears keychains and pins! I saw Elly on ebay five or so years ago and contemplated getting her. Wish I had! That KOS-MOS standee is awesome, too. Shame about the tape and other damages, though. I wish I had even remotely enough space to display something like that, or any of the standees, really.


    1. Thank you! They all are the best, still doing the dance of joy
      when I think about them.

      A shame indeed but with something as rare and delicate as
      the standees you just have to be happy to ever own one at all,
      the condition comes second.


  2. Those keychains are adorable! Elly is so damn cute!
    Same with the pins, so congrats on getting these hard to find items. I’m happy for you. 😀
    The standees are nice, but yeah I can see your problem. They do look like a pain to move around. But your collection is so damn fine!

    So hyped for an action figure of Weltall, he is my favorite mech of all time. I really hope he won’t cost a furtune, I really, really want to get him.


    1. Thanks! Elly is of course the most popular one, hehe.

      Haha, having a “damn fine” collection is maybe worth the hassle
      and it feels safe having KOS-MOS x2 watch over you when you play!

      Indeed, it’s hard to hold back the excitement whenever Square even
      mentions Xenogears these days, and an official Weltall figure has
      probably been every fan’s dream for years!


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