Xeno merchandise 2017

As promised, finally time to add some new Xeno items to the site/ collection,
most of them are off-the-chart-rare and they have arrived to me over
quite a few months, there is no way I would find all of this at once.

First up is a SEALED copy of the japanese budget version of Xenogears
which also means that I now own every version of the game sealed:

Ï really wanted to share this picture, the top is my sealed copy,
the bottom my old opened, it is such an odd version that comes in two
slim cases and is then just held together with a paper and plastic bag,
let me know if you know about any other PS1 games like this!

More Xenogears:

Two sheets of memory card stickers! There is a lot of other games on there
as well and they weren’t really on my “to buy list” but oh well,
some really rare and nice items to have in this untouched condition.

On to some Saga:

This shouldn’t be to rare but for some reason I have had some trouble getting it, a Playstation.com mousepad.

Another item that was not on the list, I didn’t really know it existed
until I saw it, a Xenosaga Promo VHS! Used in stores to promote the game,
I have a lot of DVDs like that but never knew there was a VHS too.
I don’t own a japanese VHS player so I can’t confirm which trailer or
material it has or how the quality of the tape is holding up but I
suspect it to be one of the first trailers on there and at least
the cosmetic condition is fantastic, what a collector item!

Last and also least (in size) is this amazing pendant:

I forgot to take a picture of the back (will do later) but the back says “kokoro”
and anyone who have played Xenosaga should know what that means!
I’m still not sure what you had to do to get this pendant, if it was a
lottery, store exclusive or just for pre-ordering, in any case it was
given out along with the release of the Kokoro single CD to very few
lucky persons. This is the second copy I have ever seen, I lost a bid war
some years ago and never thought it would pop up again, so glad to have it!

6 thoughts on “Xeno merchandise 2017

  1. Hehe, glad you were able to get the Shion mousepad!

    Those memory card stickers look so fun. Child me would have been all over using those on the few memory cards I had. Not the best for collection sake, I suppose! I’m cracking up at that one sticker that is just Dan’s portrait over and over, what the heck.

    The VHS tape is pretty cool, and that necklace is gorgeous! You really just know how to find all the Xeno items, huh? c:


    1. Yes! Now for those last phone cards…

      Hahaha, I can’t believe that Dan sticker, of all the characters
      they choose to print one of the least popular, seven times!
      Also notice how all but one is facing the same way, what does
      this mean?!

      The necklace is the best! It will probably somewhere in the top
      if I ever make that rarity chart.


      1. Oof, good luck with the phone cards! Definitely hope you can find them relatively soon!

        I noticed that! It’s such a bizarre choice for a memory card sticker. I’d like to meet a person who decided to actually use that. Better yet, the person who designed it! I have many questions…


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