First Xeno items of the year

Well, if you count the Xenoblade Soundtrack in the last post it is technically
the second items, oh well.

If you remember my surprise at finding a Xenosaga Promo / store VHS last year
my surprise doubled when I found ANOTHER one, now I really need a japanese
VHS player, haha.

For some reason these phone cards are still haunting me, I swear, there is
always one more to get, this time from the Animation:

Same goes for these, I was so sure that I had every “not for sale” promo DVD
but I didn’t find this one in any of my pictures so I had to get it.

And last but not least, I finally found him, Ramses:

This completes the laminated card set for Xenogears and not counting the
new soundtrack next month and the figures later this year I’m only searching
for TWO more Gears items at the moment, a japanese promo poster and the
very eluding Brady mini guide from the US, if anyone has it,
please sell it to me, I’m going crazy about that one…

I already have two more Saga items on the way, this will surely be another
good year for the collection at this pace!

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