Beaten Games 2022

Once again, the yearly list! It never gets old.
A shame this is only the third post this year but I guess the list explains why…
I have had a great year over all and one of the best gaming years ever,
everything points at 2023 being at least as good with more
Legend of Heroes, Sea of Stars, Suikoden and hopefully Silksong to just
name a few. 61 new ones this time, top list at the bottom!

Listed in chronological order I beat them this time, ask if platform is important:

Such a long wait for this and in the end it delivered!
A lovely world filled with lovely NPC:s and pixels.

Bloodstained Curse of the Moon 2
Not as great as the first and a bit messy because of too
many characters. (still great though)

Cris Tales
The split time mechanic and unique thing about the game
didn’t add much and was very under-used sadly, a good game
but far from it’s full potential.

Impostor Factory
This series always leave me surprised and touched
and this is probably the best of them!

Scarlet Nexus
Surprisingly good Dark Souls+God Eater mix!

Flynn Son of Crimson
Just pure fun platforming, not a single complaint from me!

Disco Elysium
The slowest and most event-less game I have ever played,
I probably aged two years just by playing it.
With that said it is very well done and ambitious, just not
made for me.

Shenmue III
The most enjoyable in the series but more or less just repetition
of the first games and no real progress.

Banner Saga 2
Mentally exhausting to follow the fate of this world and
its characters but so very good! Each part is just different
enough from each other to feel like one story but not get stale.

Banner Saga 3
Mentally exhausting to follow the fate of this world and
its characters but so very good! Each part is just different
enough from each other to feel like one story but not get stale.

Thousand Arms
The humor might have been more fun 20 years ago but still a
fun game!

Rise of the Third Power
From the creators of Ara Fell, another masterpiece!
This game has everything I ever want from RPGs, I’m so
grateful that people out there share my love for the genre
enough to make this!

Summoner 2
Not as a over-ambitious as the first game, a bit more focused,
it’s decent enough.

Milli and Greg
Budget Celeste+Meat boy, haha. It’s great!

Elden Ring
Well, this will probably be remembered as the year of Elden Ring,
I didn’t put it as my favorite this year but I did play it… TWELVE times
over the year. Defeated every boss, got all achievements,
made a speedrun route and some other extra challenges.
Not to mention I spent two months and my budget building
that Lego tower and watching others play it for hundreds of hours.
There is still so much potential in this game and so many parts where
it falls short,a true shame but From Software will never truly learn.

Triangle Strategy
They did talk too much at the start of the game but it gets a bit more
balanced later on. Overall a great game but even if it has high replay value
I can’t see myself playing it again.

Another long-awaited game! Zelda-Dark Souls-Fez all in one!
Sadly that combo didn’t work for me, the world and puzzles are mostly
great but I found the battles really boring and just… bad.
The option to turn damage off should be a sign.

This is a “retro” game done right, all the actually good parts from the
NES era and none of the bad!

Death’s Door
A lot of similarities with Tunic, Much better combat,
less puzzles.

It was fun and well made but I have no interest
to play more of it after beating it once.

Kena Bridge of Spirits
If you want to play a Pixar movie, now you can!
It looks amazing but the battles felt a bit unbalanced
and the story just fizzled somehow.

Blaze and Blade
Never released in the US, this not very polished but still
kinda fun co-op action-RPG on PS1.

Crimson Tears
Short, simple, not much to say.

Princess Minerva
How ahead of its time, an RPG filled with anime girls in bikinis!

Horizon II Forbidden West
I much preferred this to the first game, more variation
and just such a spectacular marvel of optimization, how anything can look
this good on a base PS4 is a mystery and makes you wonder what every
other developer is doing wrong.

Torneko The Last Hope
Simple but kinda fun dungeon crawling.

Radical Dreamers (remaster)
This was the last thing I ever thought we would see officially
translated, I’m still in a state of surprise by it! It was nice returning to
this but in my head this was more or less identical to the fan translation.

Chrono Cross (remaster)
Every excuse to play Chrono Cross is a good one, a pretty lazy
version but at least even nintendo players can enjoy it now!

Ender Lilies
Quite good, not the best not the worst in the sea of

Warriors of Might and Magic (PS2)
This is the PS1 game with the same title but very expanded!

Shiki Eiyuuden
Hm, pretty forgettable among the other great SNES RPGs, not bad
but not unique enough in any way.

Shadow Tower
A more linear King’s Field, really hard intro but might be
a better start for newcomers.

Justice League Heroes
All of these super hero games on PS2 are the same,
short fun action RPGs, triple the fun in co-op!

Super Chinese World 2
Much better than the first but still not
a favorite for me…

Dragon Seeds
Terrible Rock-paper-sisscor simulator

The unknown cousin of Drakengard, Action RPG
where you get to fly a dragon!

Albert Odyssey
My first Albert game and I must say it was a
nice experience! I always wanted a game like this,
strategy battles but no separate maps, you move around on
an ordinary world map and battles are seamless!

Wild Arms XF
Very worthy of the Wild Arms name, great graphic, music,
characters, story, battles and even puzzles!

The Hunter
Probably the worst “RPG” on PS1. Mostly a dice rolling
simulator where you get to play 1/4 of the time. Just awful.

Xenoblade 3
156 hours and every quest done. I really enjoyed this
in more or less every way! Xeno still lives on I guess!

River King
This felt a bit rushed or just badly translated and either
way not my kind of game. I have seen other RPGs with better fishing
than this dedicated fishing RPG.

Horai Gakuen no Bouken! The Adventure of Hourai High School
Odd, unique and good! Another SNES gem!

The Legend of Heroes: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch
The series have come such a long way from this but it was nice
to finally play one of the more ancient parts and see the similarities
and differences in the evolution into greatness.

I finally did it, I beat a Persona game!
It started out quite nice but soon devolved into the RNG hell the
series is, with 4 hours between saves, ugh.

Valkyrie Elysium
If it was only called something else it would be a decent
Action RPG, now it’s just a parody of one of my favorite games…

The Legend of Heroes Trails From Zero
What a surprise, a Legend of Heroes game being the game
of the year again! No need to introduce it, finally officially in
english, what a dream! Will Trails from Azure be the best next year?

Star Ocean 6
I’m both surprised and happy that we got another title in this series!
I’m also glad that it’s good enough to compete with part 3 and 4.
The story gets a bit repetitive by the end but not an uncommon RPG problem.

Ghost Song
Another very long awaited game finally released! Story, combat and
atmosphere is great but it might leave some things to wish in the
exploration department.

Eiyuden Chronicles Rising
I planned on skipping this but gamepass convinced me to play.
It does feel a bit like a mobile game thanks to the quest-based
progression but it was a surprisingly fun game with some great characters
that I look forward to seeing again in the main game next year!

Knights and Bikes
The definition of an indie game?
Anything is great if you play it with your sister!

Champions: Return to Arms
More hack, more slash, more inventory juggling!

I will respect anyone calling this the game of the year, words
don’t do it justice, such a well made horror game!
Made from the love of all the old classics in the genre and filled
with more references than I can list but still very tastefully implemented
into something very unique! I have seen 15+ streamers play this and it is
such a joy every time. Unless you really hate puzzles or horror be sure
to play it!

Vampire Survivors
Fun for a few hours but mostly a repetitive pain to beat.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Eye of the Beholder (SNES)
My main complaint is the messy controls, why no mouse support?

Saiyuki: Journey West
This was a nice surprise, I knew almost nothing about the game
but it was a great strategy game, not too serious unlike most strategy RPGs.

Baroque (PS2)
Story and some ideas are really interesting but it is
still a pretty standard dungeon crawler that could be an absolute pain
to beat without a guide.

Power of the Hired
Very simple but good strategy game!

Digimon World 2
97 hours of my life wasted, what a horribly slow and long game.
Not as bad as “The Hunter” but might be the worst RPG on the console
just because of the length and terrible slow loading times/animations.

Chained Echoes
And yet another long awaited game, made by a single person, strongly
inspired by Xenogears and the SNES era, I’m melting!
Why are you even reading, you could be playing this and Rise of the
Third Power right now! What a time to be an old RPG fan.

Disgaea 5
It’s Disgaea, it took a while but I was finally ready to return to the series.
Considering all the bad RPGs over the years it has become hard to tell if this
story is just bad or the usual Disgaea parody, haha…

Last game of the year! I liked the story but other than that, as budget
as you might expect, sadly I assume this will be the last from Tokyo RPG Factory.

Best of 2022

1: The Legend of Heroes Trails From Zero
2: Rise of the Third Power
3: Elden Ring
4: Xenoblade 3
5: Signalis

It has never been this hard for me to make a top 5 and they are almost interchangeable,
Chained Echoes could also be among them!

That’s it for this year, I hope all of you will have a great and RPG filled 2023!

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