Box 101: Drag-on Nier?

It might be a bit boring post but this is something that I have been
wanting to buy since it was first announced in 2013:
The Drag-on Dragoon 10th anniversary box!

This might even be my new favourite, so beautiful, and best of all
is the front art that includes the main characters and their dragons
from all four games, yes even Nier and his dra- book!

The box is massive and only has one small logo in the corner, ahh.

A close-up of course.

I really like this design of the box, just lift up the top and everything is
hold in place by these trays. no risk of damageing anything when you open it.

First we have the normal game and some codes to get Nier costumes and some good remixes of Nier music.

Then we have a case with one CD and one DVD, the CD contains some intresting chips music (haha) from all four games, some Nier tracks I hadn’t heard before! The DVD remains a mystery for now.

To the left is a postcard book with art from all the games, to the right a novel that talks about the events before Drakengard 3.

The postcards have ridiculously high quality.

This is probably the highligth of the box’s inside, a book with 300+ pages filled with art, information about all four games, interviews etc.
There is even a mysterious page that says Drag-on Dragoon 4 and has has the PS4 logo… it might be a joke or a very obscure way of revealing a game?

One of my favourites, Caim making the pact from the first game.

These two are “just” the script from Drakengard 1 and 2, a really cool material even if it dosn’t show in the picture.

Lastly an overview of this crazy box, in total 5 different books, wow!

6 thoughts on “Box 101: Drag-on Nier?

  1. Riktigt snygg box!
    Finns mkt bra artwork och musik från de serierna. Coolt med chip-musik från spelen. Minns att de släppte en sån skiva till Nier som jag lyssnade sönder förut 🙂
    Nier är mitt absoluta favorit-soundtrack också!


  2. Mm, för min del hade dom mer än gärna fått släppa den stora boken med 300 sidor separat och helst på engelska med, det fanns som sagt en hel del intervjuver osv. Nier och alla dess remix-skivor är den musik jag lyssnat mest på senaste åren så jag vart rätt förvånad att det fanns ett par versioner jag inte hade hört med i den här boxen:


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