The 176 Playstation games

This will probably get a longer post later but this week I finally took care
of a long postponed project, sorting out all the unwanted japanese Playstation
games from the collection! As you guessed I found a total of 176 games that
don’t belong in the collection. Far too many of them are sports games,
pachinko simulators and other “crap” games. So far around 20 of them are
sold and the ones that no one wants will just be sold in a bulk.
I will give it a couple of weeks.

Sure I still have the games but just getting them out of the collection
felt really nice, now there is enough room to complete the PS2 collection, woho!

Speaking of the PS2 collection, I just recieved and added my most wanted item:


Very few seem to even know about this box, an odd box for an odd game.
Besides the game you get a Haseo figure (main character) and even better than
that a special disc that summarize everything from the first four games and
also tells some intresting information not found anywhere else.
If it’s not enough to find this rare disc you also need to unlock
parts of it with data from your memory card… wow.

I am really happy to finally have it even if most of it is of
course available on youtube.

If you want to see the 176 games here they are:

4 thoughts on “The 176 Playstation games

  1. I had no idea that kind of box existed for .Hack/Gu. First time seeing it, but it looks great!
    And I have to put some blame on you, because of all your postings of getting PS2 games. I myself have started to collect a few again. XD
    Nothing wring with that though. 😀

    As soon as everything I’ve ordered arrives I’ll post about it. But some of the titles include Grandia III and Grandia Xtreme. Two games I’ve wanted for a long time. =)


    1. The box is the best! I wish there was time to replay the games, I have only played them all once when they was released… 9 years ago, aaah! At least I do rewatch some of the cutscenes regularly.

      Oh no, what have I done, hehe, it’s quite fun that we collect the same thing again then, it has been a while after all. A good start! I just re-bought Grandia 3 recently (as I wrote then) and Xtreme is still missing and is one of my “most wanted”!

      I look forward to see what else is on the way!


      1. Hehe, I just counted how many games I’ve bought and it’s 11. Plus 1 that I got from a friend. But it feels good. As soon as everything has arrived I’ll post about it. =)


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