Retrogathering 2015

If you live outside of Sweden the chance that you know about retrogathering is
slim but it is… a retro gathering held once a year in the city västerås,
one of few times and places where the collectors and other fans of old
games can come togheter in this country.

The biggest part is probably about buying old games but there is also
a lot of old consoles up and running that you can try out, some
lectures/talks about games, auctions and usually some cosplay
even if I didn’t see any this time.

This year was probably my favorite, it should be my fourth time visiting
and I actually stayed from opening to closing, I usually get tired about
halfway through, hehe.

Since it felt like everyone else took pictures of everything I didn’t bother,
instead this will be a detailed version of my day!

I woke up early after far too little sleep, took the train and actually
started on Dragon Quest IX (really like it so far). Since I was early I had
time to play some more before opening (a bit too cold to play outside, hu).
As soon as they opened I rushed too all the sellers’s tables and looked for
PS2 RPG’s missing in the collection but sadly no luck, instead I found the
James Bond 007 box with the golden controller, wo, so golden,
and the only way to match the Zelda Wiimote, hehe!


After that a friend finally found me in the chaos and delivered some old
controllers and accesories I might be able to fix and also a copy of Legaia 2
that was missing in the collection. We both decided to join in a Bomberman 2
tournament, since there was many participants I decided to camp near
the tournament and play some more DS, in the end I reached round 3 of 5,
not bad but I am still a bit disapointed, I had hoped to get to the finale!
My friend had to leave after he lost in round 2 but it was fun to see him
and I will probably challenge him in a duel later.

That took a lot of time and it was finally time to find another friend
in collecting and bloging, Mlie. She was helping out her boyfriend who had
some nice items for sale (I only bought the Donkey Kong box from him though).
I was really happy when they had a small surprise for me, this little guy:


The gyroid keystrap from Animal Crossing!
A small gift maybe but I was very happy that they remembered that
I wanted one of those, especially in the chaos, many thanks!

At the neighbor table I found both Fable and Metroid Prime Hunters, ugh,
now I actually have to play them! Oh well, it is long over due.
By this time I was really hungry and the back pack was starting to feel
heavy from all those controllers from my friend, a short walk for a
classic burger and everything felt better!
I decided to go back and ended up in front of a famicom and fluteded my way
trough Mario 3, haha, some tricks was much harder to pull of in the
japanese version but it was not a terrible run.
I took some more trips around the locale in hope of finding another
collector that I wanted to meet, sadly I never did.
There was quite many games to choose from but I still choose to
Beat Mario 1 as well, haha.
The time before closing was mostly spent around Mlie and company,
the other sellers where starting to pack up (I found Phantasy Star in the
last minute, phew) and I had to wait for my train anyway,
some more Dragon Quest and I was finally home!

A really nice day, I don’t like to be around lots of people but it still
makes me happy to see and speak to some of the people who share my passion!

Lastly a picture of everything I found, I only went over my budget a little:


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