No, don’t run away!

I know this is a quite “hated” game and this is one of the times that I will
admit that it is 90% nostalgia that makes me like it, of course I know
it’s not a good game but it was one of the first RPGs that I played.
Ah, the warm summer days at my relatives house, the good old sofa,
cold lemonade and a major headache from getting lost in the cursed castles
of the game! It feels like yesterday but since then I have grown immune to
headaches, warm summer days and beaten the game plenty of times.

I say this about many games but it really has been a dream to one day own
the original X68000 version of the game, well now I do!


It’s so cool, I have been happy ever since it arrived and I can’t stop
thinking about it! The box is huge, about the size of two DVD cases,
it is my first time seeing a X68000 game in real life and I was a bit
surprised. The inside is also very nice:


The manual is big, thick and have all the information you need
(plus a small manga part of course). This is not a limited copy or anything
but you still get a full sized poster with the world map in beautiful colors,
of course the game was prized at 8800 yen (a lot back then) and very few
copies were sold. The game itself comes on four 5.2″ diskettes, a bit too
retro for my taste but I might emulate the game someday just to see the
differences between this and the SNES version we all know so well.
At least the music is superb in both versions and that is why
I am happy to present:


The freaking soundtrack, aaah, I can’t believe this! If the game is rare,
this is ultra rare, how it even exists is a mystery, the number of copies
this sold is probably next to none, which of course is sad, I have been
playing the soundtrack and the sound quality is amazing, really,
some of the tracks makes your ears melt (that is a good thing, haha).

Phew, what a rant but I am so happy about this!

5 thoughts on “Lagoon

  1. I’m not a big fan of the game, but I remember really liking the music. It was really great. I got your pm om Loading, I’ve just missed replying. Yeah, I might be interested. But after I’m moving, I’ll see if I’ll start collecting Xeno stuff again. Right now I mostly feel like I want more figurines. 🙂


      1. No, sadly not. I’ve seen a few apartments, but then been crappy.
        Gotta find one before March at least. That’s when they are going to renovate the one I live in now.


  2. Riktigt snygg box 🙂
    Spelade en del av Lagoon förra året (snes) men hade svårt att ge det mer än 4-5 timmar.
    Har för mig att det var lite långsamt. Annars är det ju ett ganska okej actionrollspel ändå.
    Kanske inte har åldrats lika fint som många andra i genren däremot.


  3. Ja, nu gäller det bara att hitta en värdig plats i samlingen, det är svårt när man bara har ett spel från en maskin. 4-5 timmar är väl halva spelet, hehe. Men långsamt och Lagoon är synonymer och det egentligen största problemet är kanske hit-boxarna, vet man vart man ska slå så dör alla bossar inom några sekunder men bossarna kan även döda spelaren lika snabbt. I X68000 versionen har man inte ens ett svärd och skadar fienderna på samma sätt som i tidiga YS-spel (genom att gå in i dom i rätt vinkel).


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