Secret Xeno stash!

I realise that it has been a while since I even mentioned Xeno
in this blog… The collecting has been really slow lately and finding the
missing items are just ridiculous both when it comes to the prices and
actually finding someone who are willing to sell them.

I did say in an earlier post that I have 3 secret Xeno stashes, well,
the first one is actually split up into 7 of these boxes:


This post will only show one of these as an example but I will add more
of them to the Xeno section soon.


Let’s have a look inside:


I like the size of these boxes, you can store artbooks and other
things in A4 size without problem.


A good start! The Xenogears postcard book, only 8 pages
but the beauty makes up for it!


Haha, the Xenosaga coasters, I can’t believe how expensive these was,
I ended up in a bidding war and finally won them, so much money
for a bit of cardboard…


Mmmm, the Xenogears calender, perfect to have if you want to keep track
of the dates in 1998. You could get this by preordering the game in Japan.


Manga time, this one is official but I have always been
a bit disturbed by the art.


Ah, my weak spot, an artbook, this time from Yuki Nobuteru who
drew the characters for the anime, a really good book.


More art from the anime in this massive book. I can’t even remember
exactly what’s in it, I have probably only opened it once years ago.


Another manga, it should follow the story of Episode II.


I see, most of the manga books where hiding in the bottom.


The DNA Media Comics, the left one is missing a paper that is supposed to sit
around the cover, if anyone knows what they are called please tell me!


More Manga, there is a total of 16 official Xenosaga Manga and this is what
lies within one of the seven boxes, phew.

4 thoughts on “Secret Xeno stash!

  1. Hahaha, all hail the collection! No need for that maybe but it is crazy how many items there are, the sad part is that I never will be able to display them all at once… oh well, that is why I have this site after all!


    1. I remember all the hours me and my brother spent reading and discussing the incomplete translations of Perfect Works, we both dreamed of owning the holy grail one day. Now we do and of course it will appear in future updates!


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