The story of a chest ( secret Xeno stash 2 )

There is so much going on in and around the collection right now that I don’t
even know what to write about!

I recently looked at the stats for this blog and it seems like there has been
quite some visitors from around the world in the Xeno section lately,
I am happy and welcome you all, hehe. I really hope that you find the info
you are looking for since that is my goal with the site after all,
I will try to pick up the pace and add the rest of my collection and one step
towards that is of course to reveal the secret stash number 2!

Long before I even started collecting games there was one item that me
and my brother always dreamed of owning,
the item is of course – Xenogears Perfect Works –
Back then it seemed like a distant dream and we spent hours looking
through the amazing art in a scanned copy on the computer screen.
We spent even more hours reading and discussing the incomplete fan
translations that existed back then, those where the days and the
outcome of Xenosaga was still a mystery.

Less than a year after the collecting started a copy of the – Real thing –
finally made it’s way to me! Not only did – Perfect Works – arrive,
I soon found out about the Xenosaga Emission books and made it my life’s
goal to one day own those as well, since I was made of money back then and
had a good proxy/friend who could find them for me (I had no idea how to use
ebay or import items at that time) I didn’t hesitate to buy them all at
once when he said he could get them for me!
I was shaking just at the thought of owning them, I was not worthy of
such magnificence.

Around the same time as all of this I was planning to move and had to store
the four art books in the safest possible way. My solution was to build a
large chest, thick wood, many screws, really sturdy! On the inside I used some
kind of foam like in a mattress and made insertions for the four books and
added some luxurious cloth fabric of course.
At last I added an extra layer to the chest for future items.

After the move it probably took around a year before I even opened the chest
again and I was still shaking when I saw them all lying in there, such a sight!
I still couldn’t believe it. The chest has been with me all these years and
have of course gotten a few additions since then but very few have actually
seen the inside and sadly no one else will since I finally have grown tired
of it, or rather I have found something even more spectacular and
need the space…
The items have moved to a new location and I took some pictures of
them and put them in new protective sleeves.
(They are up in the Xeno section any moment)

For some reason I don’t have any good pictures of the chest but enjoy these old ones anyway:

kist sunk
It is big!

Kista old
A really old picture when I stored some books on top.

kista toppen
This is the top layer with handles to lift it up while the items are still in place. By the way, the middle item is on my top three items ever created and of course I will get back to that one!

Kista botten
And this is the lower layer designed especially for the Emission books.
(Make sure to enlarge the picture by clicking it.)

3 thoughts on “The story of a chest ( secret Xeno stash 2 )

  1. So freaking awesome! I’m very jealous, I would have liked to own the Xeno-Emission books in the past. But now they are way too expensive for me, plus I don’t collect Xenosaga stuff like I used to. Mostly interested in figurines.

    Glad to hear you’ve had a lot of visitors on your Xeno-part of the site, you probably have one of the most complete collections of there when it comes to Xeno-games.


  2. As I said, I was shaking when I first saw them, it may sound pathetic to some but to me it was a really big moment and the amount of money I spent was just ridiculous (almost a full monthly salary). I don’t regret it even if I have found a lot of cheaper copies since then.

    It’s fun to see that people somehow have found their way to the collection and it is true that it is the largest Xeno collection I have seen but there is always someone even more extreme lurking in the shadows (I know who you are, hehe).


    1. Hey, I understand completely. You but and do stuff out of love. Afew years ago I world have hoped on that myself if I could. 🙂
      It’s almost terrifying to think that there is one that has a bigger collection and it makes me wonder what that person has that you don’t…


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