Busy busy (and much Xeno)

Why hello!

It has been a really busy month on all levels, a lot has been going on around
the collection, unforeseen family matters, Xenoblade X closing in etc.

This has been a really crazy month (and year) for the collection, I received
two of the largest packages ever, the first one is something that
I have planned to buy and discussed with the seller for the last four years
and now the deal finally came to a close, I will not spoil what it is today
but it was definitely worth the wait!
I had saved up the money for this and was prepared.
The other package left a large hole in my wallet though and today I finally
sold off one of my more expensive items to a friend to make up for the hole
and be able to get the WiiU – Xenoblade X bundle next week!
I can’t believe we finally will get to play it in english, it has been
a long wait and I am really looking forward to it.
I feel bad for not showing the contents of the packages today but if you
visit the “100 boxes” you will see that there are a couple of new ones, hehe.
Also I had to rearrange a bit again, it is now a complete Gust shelf:


By the way, if you haven’t visit the Xeno collection the last couple of weeks,
you might get a shock, I have spent a lot of time taking pictures and even
opened the third and final Xeno stash:


This is a quite popular item from Ikea, and if you have seen it you know
that there is a lot of room to store Xeno items in there! I have actually
taken photos of everything except the posters. A few will get better
pictures later but at least everything will soon be up.
You may think that taking some photos is easy and should be quick
but when you handle everything as careful as I do and need to put
everything back exactly as it was etc it takes time, my camera isn’t
the best either so every succesful picture means four bad ones that
I need to sort out, it’s just a lot of work for me and I do this mostly
to help other collectors but of course also to document my own collection.

The Buy/ sell/ trade section is also updated with new items and pictures,
I think this will be easier than the old list, there is some nice and odd
items for sale and even if Xenoblade X is secured there is ANOTHER big
package on the way in January (not to mention christmas, huhu), it includes
the most expensive game that I have ever bought so every sale counts now.

Sorry if this turned into a bit of a rant but there is much to think about
and so many projects that I want to spend time on, what about those 20
consoles that needs to be cleaned and fixed or the secret project that
I have yet to announce or all the games to play, or, or… phew.
I think the best thing to do is just relax with Xenoblade
for the rest of the year.

At least these are cleaned, let me know if you need a
Gameboy game or two, hehe:


Most of them are fine to play without knowing japanese, I have been
playing a bit of Mole Mania, a really interesting puzzle game and I
also finished Kirby (it took 1 hour). I never really played Gameboy back
in the day and when I did it was on the Super Gameboy so it’s nice
to try out a lot of the library now.

3 thoughts on “Busy busy (and much Xeno)

  1. Hehe, I’m looking forward to announce it as well!
    Of course, I still haven’t read exactly how the online parts work but
    I will make sure to try it at least.


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