Top 5 Xeno items part 1

Even though it is nearing christmas I took the time to finally take photos of the
last remaining Xeno items (the posters) and added them to the site.
In total there are over 400 pictures and even more items, especially if you
count all the cards and pins separately. Cray-cray as the kids says these days!

Anyway, if you look trough them all you will notice that a few pictures are
missing and those are my top five secret favourites, actually two of them
have already been showed before but let’s look at this one again:


The Episode III Animate Box, In my eyes it is perfection and just feels
like some kind of cheating or fake item. Everyone knows about the
Episode I and II boxes by now and you can find them quite easily but this box
was only sold in one store and after five years of collecting I still had no
idea that it existed… I am really grateful to the person who told me about
it and even more grateful to the one who actually sold it to me!

Besides being crazy rare it is a good example of how a box should look, the only
text that says “animate” is at the bottom (under the box) and very small.
A bit strange maybe that they only choose a few of the characters, one or all
would have been best but overall, amazing when you have played the games
and know the meaning of the art in the background, hehe.

As for the actual content, it’s not that spectacular, it’s the game and the
“Alle Spezielle DVD” that you still got in other stores by pre ordering,
both are still sealed in my copy and the condition really is 10 of 10 for
the box as well. So very happy to have this and it still feels like an
object that wasn’t meant to exist.

Remember to click on the picture and look forward to the next item!

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Xeno items part 1

    1. Ja som du redan nämnt blev man ju rätt ledsen av att se ännu en åldersmärkning på Xenoblade X nu… Men det här är grejer det! Jag kanske skulle förtydligat det i texten men som du gissar är det en japansk utgåva från Animate-butikerna, kedjan heter väl Animate Bookstore till och med? Jag har finkammat ebay varje dag i åratal och håller även koll på japanska sidor och hittills har det inte dykt upp något annat exemplar.
      Som samlare vill man gärna veta hur många exemplar som finns men det är lite svårt att ens gissa sig till.

      Det finns en liten risk att boxen egentligen aldrig såldes till kunder utan bara användes i butiker för att senare slängas, just det är fallet med en .Hack box jag har…


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